Wonderland Sculpture is Calgary’s Most Impressive Public Art

I do not doubt that the Wonderland Sculpture in Calgary is the city’s most impressive public art. It is unique, a head-turner, and great work of art. You have never been to Calgary if you haven’t seen, stood and wandered in and around it. Yes, you have to walk around it – both near and from afar to see how the image of the sculpture changes.

Calgary Wonderland Sculpture
The Wonderland sculpture in Calgary will definitely charm you.

Is it a girl’s or a boy’s head? Will the sculpture’s gender matter? Will your perception of this work of art change based on its gender? I didn’t really know until now (as I google more information) that this is a girl’s head. While looking at it up close and personal, I just regarded it as a human head.

Calgary Wonderland sculpture
Is it a girl’s or boy’s head? What do you think?

It is mind-blowing how the artist bends those metal rods to form the shape of a human head.

Wonderland sculpture Things to do Calgary
Wonderland sculpture is, perhaps, Calgary’s most impressive public art.

The Wonderland Sculpture perfectly stands in front of the tall and chic Bow Building. It beautifully blends in with the glass-mirrored walls and its surroundings.

Things to do in Calgary
The sculpture is design by Jaume Plensa.

If you gaze at the sculpture and look up at the modern skyscraper, they seem to be comfortable with each other. Certainly, one complements the other.

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You should definitely see it and pose in front of it!

You can definitely go inside the head through its two doors. Wander inside and look up – and you feel like you’re in a Wonderland.

Things to do in Calgary Hostel Hotel
Go inside the head, wander and look up!

Jaume Plensa, a world-renowned Spanish artist, designed this inspiring creation. When he unveiled the sculpture to the public, he explained, “I believe the architecture of our bodies is the palace for our dreams.”

The head glows when time comes.

Beyond its photogenic and artistic value, Wonderland is a fabulous addition to Calgary’s urban landscape.

Public art Calgary Hotel Hostel
Go there before lunchtime to avoid office workers ruining your photos. 😀

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