Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List

What comes to mind when the City of Dubai is mentioned? Is it the sweeping views of high-rises? Is it the world record titles (the tallest, the biggest, the largest) attached to its name? Or is it the immense wealth the city is known for, as evident in extravagant shopping malls? Ah, maybe it is the multicultural experiences that the city can offer. Wherever you are in the city, you can always hear people speaking various foreign languages. Dubai has unparalleled fame as a melting pot of different cultures and ethnicities from different world corners. All these unique attributes make UAE’s most cosmopolitan city deserving to be on your travel bucket list. Here’s why.

Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List
Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List

International Transport Hub

Dubai’s International Airport is insanely huge and undoubtedly, the busiest airport in the Middle East. As an international hub for international flights, the city is well-connected to and from anywhere. From Mumbai to Dubai, or from Amsterdam to Dubai, and from any world airports to Dubai – name it – you will always get flights whatever your time zone is. Depending on your passport and the length of your connecting flight, you may be able to get a transit visa for 96 hours or less. That’s enough time to see the architectural landmarks the city can offer to transient visitors. If you can’t get the transit visa, don’t fret – the airport is too huge you won’t get bored. There’s always something to do here.

Sunset in Dubai / Dubai Skyline. Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List
Dubai Sunset with the view of its futuristic skyline.

Futuristic Skyline and Insane Architecture 

If you are looking at Dubai’s skyline from afar, you’d certainly be awed at its breathtaking views. The futuristic skyline you see in sci-fi movies comes alive in this city. It’s a city awash with 148 skyscrapers, and insane world records. Truly, it’s a city of superlatives! It has the world’s tallest skyscraper (Burj Khalifa), the world’s largest mall (Dubai Mall), and the biggest choreographed fountain (Dubai Fountain) – to name a few. The city already has 220 world records, and soon, the world will be able to witness the rise of the world’s first-ever rotating tower.

This Photo Shows Dubai in a Nutshell / Jumeirah Beach Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List
Why Dubai Should be on Your Bucket List (Jumeirah Beach, Dubai)

Melting Pot of Diverse World Cultures

For those who have never visited Dubai yet, you would be surprised to know that the city has only 15% of local citizens. The rest of its population are expatriates that are ubiquitous in every sector in society. With all these diverse world ethnicities, it’s no wonder that Dubai is also a feast of culinary delights. There’s always something for everyone’s unique taste, dietary requirements, and piquant interests. 

Despite the high cost that comes with experiencing the best of the city, flights to Dubai can still be affordable. For the intrepid travelers, checking off Dubai on their bucket list is worth every penny to experience the metropolis that arises from the desert and soars high with its staggering ambition to be ahead of the future.  


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