White Party 2010

If you’ve been living in Beijing for quiet sometime, March is synonymous to White Party debauchery.

Last Friday was my 4th year in a row and that was my last White Party hurrah in Beijing. I hope that Canada will have its own White Party—grander, better and whiter. No, I’m not talking about the snow there! :))

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As usual, it was so much fun that almost everyone in our group left the venue at 4:00 a.m. Had it not been of my nasty stomachache, I could have stayed longer until the DJ would surrender playing.

Before we invaded Star Live, twenty-two of us had late dinner at the dimsum place right next to where the party took place. I brought the vodka and two guys brought cans of red bull. The drinking spree began there. We left the restaurant right after midnight. Sixteen of us went to the partay. The others to the good ol’ bars in Sanlitun.

I wasn’t drunk. Very tipsy, yes—which means I remember 70% of what transpired during the debauchery. Boy, I met new faces and babes but only few I do remember. It was even nice to see people I’ve never ever met for a looooong time. Rest assured though that I remember all the names of the guys introduced to me, except two. But, never mind, those guys are all straight. Hehehehe…

Anyway. I didn’t see much action around—like french kissing and bumping butt to butt. The party animals danced wild, drunk and crazy. Though the music wasn’t as good as last year, I profusely sweat and so was everyone. Aside from endless camwhoring here and there, the athmosphere was filled with so much happiness of wasted revellers. 

There was not much to oggle at—speaking of costume. Everybody wore white, yes, but only very few really dressed up as someone / something. Marilyn Monroe, naughtily danced around ’till she can no longer bear the pain of wearing high-heeled shoes. JFK wasn’t around to save her night.  

If there was an award for the most creative costume, it should be given to the two angels who brought with them an arrow and a bow and a harp. Boy, they painted their whole body in white–and their wings were huge that they had to stand farther from each other. Good lord, those wings were heavy and were craftily made with care. 

Unfortunately, this year, I didn’t see anyone in our group made out and went home together. Last year was the horniest— I knew 6 pairs who got laid on such a wonderful night. Hahahaha…

But, I knew and saw a lot of people exchanging digits. And we all know what would happen next, right? Hahahahaha…

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