Washington DC – The White House

The White House is huge when you see it on TV but in real life, it’s kinda small actually. But, yeah, it’s white! 😂 There’s a free White House tour but you’ve got to book it three months before your scheduled visit with the help of your embassy in Washington DC. I did mine but they’re NOT really helpful. They told me to go to the WH Information Center early to grab one of those VERY limited tickets for visitors in one day. Duh, I don’t have time for bureaucracy so I just gave up my dream of viting its interior. I guess, it was not meant to be at this visit. Who knows it might happen in the future? 😂


This is the view of the North facade of the White House from Lafayette Park. This is where protest can happen and most tourists take their photos. Can you see that picture above? It’s tiny, right?

White House Washington DC

Around the area, a number of policemen are on patrol. They were very much alert and if they see something suspicious they’d come over and check it out for themselves. It can be intimidating to go around with heavy presence of security.

America's President Lives Here House White

The is the south portico where you can see Michelle Obama’s garden. From here, you can walk to the DC Capitol Hill. The Mall and other tourist attractions are also accessible from here. The Monument is also very much visible from here.

Where to stay in Washington DC:

International House of Washington (Hostel)
1110 6th St. NW, Washington, DC.


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