My Own Walking Tour of Vienna – The City of Music

Here’s my own walking tour of Vienna – using the map I picked up at the tourism office at the train station. If you are arriving by train, don’t forget to drop by the tourism office and ask what you could do for a day or three in the city. The nice lady recommended and handed me a map of a two-hour walking tour. She patiently answered my questions and even gave me a few coupons I could use. But, of course, I didn’t depend on the map alone. I had help from Google maps, too. 😉

I recommend that before you embark on your own walking tour, make sure to find these places in order. It will save you time, especially if you are not good at reading maps – like me. 😀

Vienna State Opera House

Vienna State Opera House / My Own Walking Tour of Vienna
Vienna State Opera House / My Own Walking Tour of Vienna

There is no better place to start my walking tour than on a Saturday morning. This is not just a historical Rennaissance building but the center of Austrian arts. Waltz originated in Vienna, and world-renowned composers like Mozart and Beethoven found their homes here.

Pedestrian Lanes

Pedestrian Lane in Vienna / My Own Walking Tour of Vienna
Pedestrian Lane in Vienna / My Own Walking Tour of Vienna

I’m so glad I passed this area before opening hours. Or else, I would have gone shopping, instead of continuing my walking tour. 😀

Stephensdom Cathedral

St. Stephen's Cathedral in Vienna / My Own Walking Tour of Vienna
St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna / My Own Walking Tour of Vienna

This is, perhaps, Vienna’s most recognized landmark. And you can’t miss it. Its multi-colored tiles and the imposing Gothic tower will absolutely captivate you!

Mozart’s Apartment / House

My Own Walking Tour of Vienna - Mozart House
My Own Walking Tour of Vienna – Mozart House

Located in an alley behind the cathedral is the apartment where Mozart used to live. Go inside and find out how the musical genius lived here.

Hofburg (Michael’s Square)

Hofburg Michaelplatz My Own Walking Tour of Vienna
Hofburg Michaelplatz My Own Walking Tour of Vienna

The magnificent Baroque facade of Hofburg on Michael’s Square should be your entrance to the palace. This used to be the old Royal Theater (Burgtheater) where Beethoven’s “First Symphony” was first heard in 1800. Also, in the same theater, Mozart’s “The Marriage of Figaro” had its premiere.

Kunsthistoriches Museum

Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna. / Walking Tour of Vienna
Kunsthistoriches Museum in Vienna.

Go inside the arched doorway of the Hofburg Palace (above), and you’ll find more places to visit. One is the Kunsthistoriches Museum, part of the Imperial Palace of Hofburg. This is Austria’s largest art museum and one of the world’s bests.

Museum Quartier

Museum Quartier in Vienna / Walking Tour of Vienna
Museum Quartier in Vienna

Home to 60 cultural organizations worldwide, Museum Quartier, is worth your time. I stayed here for an hour, sitting on one of those gigantic benches outside. If there’s only one museum you should see, I’d recommend the Leopold Museum.

Secession Golden Dome

Secession Golden Dome
Secession Golden Dome

This was under renovation when I was there, so I have no idea what’s inside. But, from what I read, this is an art exhibition hall, and judging from its name (secession), rebel artists must be involved here. That enough is interesting to know and worth a visit.


Musikverein Walking Tour of Vienna

Home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the House of Music will surely delight you with its shows. If you’re staying longer in the city, you should see a show or two.


Karskirche in Vienna
Karskirche in Vienna

From the outside, you know that it is unmistakably Baroque. But wait until you see its interior. You will find traces of Roman, Greek, Baroque, Renaissance, and Byzantine styles.


KonzertHaus Vienna Hostel Hotel
KonzertHaus Vienna

Here is another music venue in Vienna! As the name suggests, this is a concert hall.

Beethoven Monuments

Beethoven Monument in Vienna Things to do
Beethoven Monument in Vienna.

Directly across the KonzertHaus, you will find two Beethoven Monuments. One is a tall statue, and the other is a caricature (photo) of the well-loved composer.


Stadtpark Things to do in Wein
Stadtpark Wein

Not far from Beethovenplatz is the Stadtpark. Walk around the well-maintained gardens and rest on one of the benches under the trees.

Mozart Golden Statue

Mozart Golden Statue at Stadtpark
Mozart Golden Statue at Stadtpark

Inside the Stadtpark is the well-visited statue of Vienna’s golden boy/musician – Mozart!

Albertina Museum

Albertina Museum in Vienna (Austria).
Albertina Museum in Vienna (Austria).

Want to see something that will blow your mind away? See the priceless art inside Albertina Museum!

The whole walking tour lasted me four hours. I had a lot of stops along the way.

Hostel / Hotel in Vienna

I stayed at a&o Wien Hauptbahnhof, just 5 minutes walk from Vienna Central Train Station. You can book it via Booking.comHostelWorld, and Expedia

I intended to stay here because I had an early train going to Bratislava. The room I was assigned was very spacious, and bunk beds were arranged comfortably. The staff members are friendly, and the hostel itself is clean. Since it’s close to the station, there are cafes and grocery stores in the area, and very accessible to public transport. If you’re not on a budget, here are some hotels where you can stay.


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