My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart

I decided to have my own walking tour in Stuttgart on my second morning in the city. Yes, I did spend two full days here but on my first day, my friend and her husband whisked me away to Hohenzollern Castle, an hour drive from Stuttgart. We had a short stop at Tubingen for late lunch to meet another friend I’d never seen for ages. Then, we drove back to the city before the Porsche Museum closed that day.

This walking tour was realized with the help of two of the staff from Novum Hotel Rieke Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof where I stayed. I started at 10:30 in the morning and was done by 1:00 in the afternoon – just in time to meet another friend for lunch. That’s right, I have had three reunions on this trip to Stuttgart. ­čśë What can I say – the Germans are inclined to my personality! ­čśÇ

When you follow this walking tour route, I would advise having these places in your google map ready.

1. Stuttgart Main Train Station

It is good and wise to start from here – assuming you’ll be taking the train from other parts of Germany. If you fancy seeing the city’s panoramic view, climb the tower attached to the end of this station.

My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart (Germany).
My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart (Germany).

2. Konigstrabe Street

From Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof, go across the road and on to Konigstrabe Street. This 1.2 km-long pedestrian street is the city’s shopping paradise and it might be the country’s longest shopping thoroughfare. Continue walking until you reach Schlossplatz.

My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart (Germany) Konigstrabe Street Travel Blog
My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart (Germany).

3. Konigsbau

At the end of Konigstrabe Street, you’ll see Stuttgart’s largest square, Schlossplatz. But, the first monumental structure you’ll see here is the Konigsbau. This might look like a government office, but don’t be fooled. There’s a shopping arena here, a ballroom, a cinema, and a concert hall.

Konigsbau Building in Stuttgart (Germany). Walking Tour Travel Blog
Konigsbau Building in Stuttgart (Germany).

4. Schlossplatz

This is the heart of the city. Everywhere around you screams of Baroque architecture. Of all the massive buildings here, the Neues Schloss Palace stands out the most here. Today, the palace is a host to some government offices; thus, touring inside needs a special arrangement.

The Neues Schloss (New Palace) Germany.
The Neues Schloss (New Palace) in Stuttgart, Germany.

5. History Museum W├╝rttemberg (aka Old Castle)

The Old Castle is now home to Wurttemberg History Museum. If you are impressed with its imposing fort, you should go inside and see the tiny square. It’s free to stay in the square for photos, but if you have the luxury of time, you should see the museum.

History Museum W├╝rttemberg Landesmuseum Old Castle My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart (Germany) Travel Blog
History Museum W├╝rttemberg Landesmuseum Old Castle / My Own Walking Tour in Stuttgart (Germany).

Here’s what you see inside – a view from the tiny square inside.

History Museum W├╝rttemberg Landesmuseum Old Castle (Stuttgart, Germany).
History Museum W├╝rttemberg Landesmuseum Old Castle (Stuttgart, Germany).

6. Schillerplatz

I was there on a weekend, so there was some sort of outdoor market going on, but mostly flowers. In the middle of this square is a statue of Friedrich Schiller, a German poet for whom the square is named after.

Schilerplatz in Stuttgart, Germany. / Walking Tour in Stuttgart.
Schilerplatz in Stuttgart, Germany. / Walking Tour in Stuttgart.

7. Stiftskirche

In Schillerplatz, you’ll find these two buildings standing side by side – Stiftskirche┬á(Collegiate Church). As you can see, one has a Romanesque style (right) and the other has a Gothic design (left).

Stiftskirche in Stuttgart, Germany. Travel Blog
Stiftskirche in Stuttgart, Germany.

8. Markthalle

Love food and local delicacies? Then, this is your paradise. It is a good idea to have your lunch here.

Inside Markthalle (Stuttgart, Germany).
Inside Markthalle (Stuttgart, Germany).

When you exit Markthalle, walk on your right until you reach the end of the building. Look up and admire the art on its wall.

Travel Blog Inside Markthalle (Stuttgart, Germany).
Inside Markthalle (Stuttgart, Germany).

9. Karlsplatz

Across Markthalle is Karlsplatz. The weekly flea market happens here. Unfortunately, it was deserted and quiet on the day I was there.

Karlsplatz (Stuttgart, Germany). / Walking Tour in Stuttgart
Karlsplatz (Stuttgart, Germany).

10. Schlosspark

Have a break – and listen to the sound of the gushing fountain here.

Schlosspark (Stuttgart, Germany).
Schlosspark (Stuttgart, Germany).

11. Schlossgarten

Oh, the gardens here are wonderful. Unfortunately, there are no shades here where you can escape the heat of the burning sun.

Schlossgarten (Stuttgart, Germany). Travel Blog / Walking Tour in Stuttgart
Schlossgarten (Stuttgart, Germany).

12. Stuttgart Opera House

The facade might look small to you but this is a three-branch theatre complex (playhouse, ballet, and opera). It can accommodate 1,404 people at the same time.

The Stuttgart Opera House (Germany).
The Stuttgart Opera House (Germany).

13. Relax at the Eckensee Lake

Right in front of the Opera House is a calm lake. Occupy one of the benches surrounding the lake and find your zen. You can end your tour here. The train main station is not far from here.

Eckensee Lake (Stuttgart, Germany). Travel Blog / Walking Tour in Stuttgart
Eckensee Lake (Stuttgart, Germany).


I stayed at┬áNovum Hotel Rieke Stuttgart Hauptbahnhof. As the name suggests, it is right opposite the cityÔÇÖs main train station. I did not choose this but my friend did ÔÇô because she was the one who paid for this.┬á­čśÇ I also wanted to stay near the train station because I had two heavy luggage and I had an early trip to Cologne from this city. This is a boutique hotel that is clean and has friendly, helpful staff. The bed was comfortable, too. The hotel itself is within walking distance of shopping, bars, and restaurants. For a cheaper place/hostel, youÔÇÖd never go wrong staying at┬áA&O Hostel┬áfranchises.



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