Wadi Mujib – The Grand Canyon of Jordan

Should you be traveling in Jordan by rental car or on a road trip with a local chauffeur, insist that you take the King’s Highway where you pass a lot of interesting, historical places back in Biblical Times. This is the same route that takes you all the way to Petra, Jordan’s national pride and to Wadi Rum where the desert is a visual feast of colours.

The views along the King’s Highway are stunning, though there are times when you see nothing but the vast expanse of a lonely desert cut through by an equally lonely highway that stretches like a straight arrow at some point. The sunset is painfully beautiful and you hear nothing but silence from afar.

But the most exciting part of the road trip would be passing Highway 35, snaking through the beautiful valley of death. Here on this highway, you’ll find Wadi Mujib – The[easyazon_link asin=”1741794048″ locale=”US” new_window=”yes” nofollow=”default” tag=”pridecostume-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”default” popups=”yes”]Grand Canyon[/easyazon_link] of Jordan.

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Wadi Mujib - The Grand Canyon of Jordan
Standing on the lookout where tourist buses and cars stop, this panoramic view of Wadi Mujib is breathtaking. This may not be exactly the same or as grandiose as the Grand Canyon in the USA, but this itself is a natural wonder to immensely enjoy.

Wadi Mujib - The Grand Canyon of Jordan
The highway, which our tour guide said, is a two way lane–but we were actually driving on a one-way lane. It’s dangerous to drive and be on a big bus when you can see the canyon right next to you, as if looking to your own death should the bus fell. / Wadi Mujib.
King's Highway Jordan
We were so lucky that when we were winding up and down, there was no car or another bus or a truck that went into our direction. I can’t imagine how the drivers could manage to pull it off without having one transport to fall into the depth of the ravine.

Wadi Mujib - The Grand Canyon of Jordan
Wadi Mujib is a nature reserve—and because of its close proximity to the Dead Sea, it is the lowest nature reserve in the world!
Wadi Mujib – The Grand Canyon of Jordan
If you have so much time to enjoy the country, you can hike the canyon and camp somewhere and be awed at its streams, hot springs, waterfalls and over 300 diverse species of wild plants and animals.

Wadi Mujib – The Grand Canyon of Jordan
The contrast of colors in Wadi Mujib, from gold to black to gray sandstones makes it more amazing and naturally breathtaking.

Jordan’s landscapes are both magnifying and varied: rolling hills, wide-ranging plateaus, solitary plains, precarious gorges, barren mountains, treacherous canyons and craggy cliffs— all create a natural masterpiece that any tourists will find them jaw-dropping wonders.


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  • Passed this highway many times and it never fails to get the gut out of me. I hold my breath everytime we are on this swirling road.

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