Visiting Orlando on a Budget: A Guide

Home to Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando, and a wide array of other popular attractions, it is understandable why Orlando is one of the world’s most popular destinations. With popularity, however, comes a cost. There’s a reason Orlando is a notorious money pit for families visiting the area.       

The theme park tickets, hotels, restaurants – the costs soon add up for those who want to make the most of their vacation. With that said, a holiday in Orlando can be done without breaking the bank. You just require time to plan and a solid strategy.

For guidance with that strategy, read on for helpful advice on visiting Orlando on a budget: 

Visiting Orlando on a Budget: A Guide
Photo by: Amy Humphries / Visiting Orlando on a Budget: A Guide

Pick the right time to visit

If you have the option of travelling to Orlando outside of the school holidays, do it. As families rain down on the city during these times, this not only makes the parks busier, but it also raises the prices of accommodation. This is particularly the case during the summer months. 

Orlando is a busy place year-round. Yet there are times where it is quieter than others, which helps lower prices. 

Avoid staying in the heart of the action 

Understandably, on-site hotels and resorts within the parks are going to charge a premium. This is for a good reason due to their prime location. Sadly, they will be out of the equation for those travelling on a budget. 

Don’t be too sad, however, as there are many affordable alternatives nearby. It’s not necessary to travel too far from the heart of the action to find cost-effective hotels and motels. If you’re willing to stretch out to Greater Orlando, this will supply plenty of relative bargains. 

Search for park ticket deals 

Never, ever book park tickets on-site when you arrive in Orlando. If you’re willing to search before visiting, you will find various deals for Orlando park tickets. By going this pre-booking route, you will save a sizeable amount of cash. If you retain enough money, you could even secure additional tickets for other attractions. 

Getting around strategically 

To get around Orlando, you will need to use transport in some form. While there are various options available, always try and avoid using taxis as these are expensive. If you’re not using your own transport, car rentals are the most convenient – but this pick can also be pricey if you add parking costs into the mix. 

When booking a hotel, look for ones that offer a complimentary shuttle to the parks. If you stay on the popular International Drive, use the I-Ride Trolley to get around inexpensively. 

Cook and prepare your own food

Restaurants are expensive to visit. This is the case if you visit as a family or do it daily. Eating regularly at fast food joints will also take a big bite out of your vacation budget. To avoid spending too much money on food, prepare your dishes and snacks as best you can. If your accommodation comes with a kitchen, use it for cooking your meals. As for snacks, avoid buying these from within the parks or in nearby convenience stores as they will bump up the prices. 


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