Two Cruise Ships You Must Definitely Experience Once in Your Lifetime

Many people think that cruise vacations are either for older people or couples going on their honeymoon. You should know, however, that different cruise ships aim at the often wildly diverse clientele.

A cruise can be the most romantic vacation for couples imaginable. Cruise ships offer beautiful views from your cozy cabins. They also have a wide variety of activities and plenty of different places to visit. Friends and families can enjoy similar pleasures even without the more romantic aspects of the newly-weds. Cruises are even great for hard-working individuals who want nothing more than to get away from it all.

There are specialized cruises that cater to the more specific needs of the clientele. For example, those with particular dietary or religious requirements like kosher, halal or vegan cruises. Then there are also different kinds of cruises designed for people with specific tastes and hobbies. Cruises spend so much time on the open seas they offer adult passengers games of all sorts to entertain them

Here are two of the most highly respected cruise companies that offer the highest quality services.

Cruise vacations can be life-changing when you plan it well.
Cruise vacations can be life-changing when you plan it well. / Photo credit

Allure of the Seas

The Royal Caribbean fleet is the granddaddy of cruise ships. With 25 cruise ships active at any time, clientele like them for their highest standards of pure luxury. They have a broad and diverse selection of activities for everyone to enjoy. Their various exotic and fabulous destinations appeal to their customers of all ages. For a mere fraction of the price, the French Riviera décor gives everyone a decadent Monte Carlo feel. Their ships vary in sizes, but the biggest and the best of them all is the aptly named Allure of the Seas. It is a 362 meter long that can accommodate 5,400 passengers at once.

Furthering that Monte Carlo vibe, the Allure of the Seas offers a full adult gaming entertainment at over 18,000 ft², bigger than many land-based establishments of this kind. Compared to other Royal Caribbean fleets, it offers world-class activities for couples, kids, families, the elderly, and the infirm. If specialized activities are not your thing, the ship provides incredible luxuries to those looking to create the most relaxing vacation imaginable.

Cruise Vacations
Cruise Vacations can save you time. So plan ahead. Photo credit

Carnival Vista

Carnival cruises are very high on entertainment and nightlife. They cater to the mature people who love the wilder side of things. Each one of their 25 “Fun Ships” has gaming entertainment onboard. You can also expect to find mega-parties and vibey bars for single revelers and dozens of romantic activities for young lovers.

The food selections on these ships are prepared by some of the most sought-after chefs on the planet. Their alcoholic beverages represent the international scope of the cruise. The parties headline big-name DJs and bands which tend to go on from sunset until sunrise. Their massive swimming pools and chilled sun decks are perfect for nursing hangovers or just taking in the refreshing sea air. The Carnival Vista is one of the largest ships to date with a capacity of some 3900 passengers. Like the other ships in the fleet, the Carnival Vista aims more at young adults than families or the elderly. If your idea of relaxing vacation is dancing through wild parties, then, this is the cruise of your lifetime.

Cruise vacations are not for everyone. But, everyone has got to experience being on a cruise ship once in their lifetime. 😉


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