Swinging Up in Ubud, Bali

Ubud Swing – Try it once in your lifetime? Nah.

You know you can’t leave Bali without getting on one of the swings everywhere on the island. They’re literally scattered everywhere. If you see coconuts and rice fields in one place, there’s a big chance that there are a few swings around. Or perhaps, a man-made nest intended for humans, not for birds.

Ubud Swing Aloha Bali Indonesia
Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia

Yes, swings and nests are just two of the most artificial “tourist attractions” in around Ubud promoted as “theme parks” Or whatever they call it.

Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia

A fellow traveler and I went to Aloha Ubud because you know – we wanted to experience the thrill of it all. But when we arrived at the reception – boy, the prices got me backed off the moment I read it! Goodness, it’s more expensive than going inside MoMa in New York or to the Louvre Museum in Paris!

Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia

“No way! Nope, I’m not going in,” I told my sweet companion. She also found the “theme park” exorbitantly priced! But, she really wanted to have her photos taken on the swings and nests – and so she was willing to pay! All those beautiful photos she saw on social media really got into her head! Oh, dear!

Nests Photo Bali
Things to do on Ubud, Bali.

She was worried that no one will take a photo of her while she was on the swings, so she insisted on paying for me. Though she can ask the employees at the park to take her photos, she didn’t trust their “photographic eye.” 😀 So, I caved in to her insistence.

Things to do in Bali.
Pose to your heart’s content! 😀

And so we went inside, and our journey to “euphoria” started. Of course, we took photos of our heart’s content.

Things to do in Bali
Swinging it up in Ubud, Bali (Indonesia).

We were nervous but ecstatic on our swing rides that only lasted for less than 5 minutes. Why – because you know – your purpose is only to take pictures, right? And also because a few people were already lining up behind us.

Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia

And then, the nests. Oh, the nests! My companion took so many poses here. She regretted she didn’t bring another set of clothes to change! 😀 For me, it was just ok. 😀

Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia
Ubud Swing Aloha in Bali, Indonesia

We stayed inside the small-sized “theme park” for an hour. Most of our time was spent queueing up for our turns. Despite being pricey, the park mostly attracts young people who are obsessed with putting content on their social media accounts. I might be also a part of that demographic, too! 😀 😀

But in fairness, the employees were really taking care of our safety. They always insisted on us wearing a harness for safety reasons. In fact, before we paid at the entrance, we signed a waiver.

Where to stay in Ubud

While in Ubud, I stayed at Tegar Guest House for two weeks. It’s affordable for a long stay and the owners are very accommodating. Their breakfast is good and it comes with tropical fruits. No TV or fridge, but it’s really cozy and clean. I have my own balcony facing the birds of paradise flowers. The location is perfect! It’s in a quiet area, but so close (26 steps) to the main road. Downtown is just a few steps away. The guest house is convenient for everything you’d ask for. You can book it through Booking.com. For hostels, some options are found via HostelWorld. If you want to click on this tour, click HERE.


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