Turkey: A Stunning Sunset

Our guest photographer is Amanda Min from Hongkong. Just recently, on September 20, 2010, she went to Turkey and snapped this heavenly shot of the sunset. You know how I love sunsets, so when I saw her shot, I was righ away floored, speechless—and even until now, Im dreaming of seeing it myself.

For more of Amandas amazing shot in her Turkey adventure, visit her in FLICKR.

This is what Amanda has to say about this photo.

“The photo was taken in one of the lagoons in Mediterranean Sea, Oludeniz – Turkey. At that time, we were sitting in a small bar up on a hill near the beach, waiting for the sunset. It was so beautiful! When the small boat came into my sight, it was such a touching moment and i couldnt help taking the picture.”

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