Toronto Skyline at Night

The best place to see the city’s skyline at night is at the Island. When everyone leaves the island after a long picnic or family day, only very few people stay to see the magical kingdom across the lake–at night.

Heres the two comparison of its beauty in two separate points in the island and in different times.

Center Island view right after sunset.

When the city lights and the remaining golden rays of the setting sun blend together, it creates an utterly stunning panorama.

Center island view in the evening. 

As the night grew darker and turned into a black pit, the lights are brigther to see. However, since its far from where I stood, the lights reflection is not as marvelous as the one below.

Hanlan’s Point view at night.

I think the best view is from Hanlan’s because its nearer to the city and the lights are as magical as a rainbow. Its clearer and its photogenic, too!


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  • This view of toronto is amazing first time i noticed it appears so beautiful , great work.

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