Toronto Pride Parade 2022 Photos

Toronto Pride Parade 2022 was a blast! After two long years of hiatus due to COVID-19, Pride celebrations worldwide are back! What a wonderful time it is to be free again! Of course, the pandemic isn’t over yet, but I’m pretty sure most attendees were vaccinated. And if ever there will be a surge of COVID-19 cases, let’s hope it won’t be as severe as before. On that note, let’s stop talking about our worries. Instead, let’s celebrate and embrace the uniqueness and the weirdness in all of us.

Toronto Pride Parade 2022
Toronto Pride Parade 2022 / The guy in the ❤️ center is my future husband. LOL.

People From All Walks of Life

The people of Toronto will never fail to amaze you. They came out to rejoice in the open! The crowd’s diversity, from the streets to construction scaffoldings, shows that everyone wanted a good view of the parade or wanted to be seen!

Toronto Pride Parade 2022
Toronto Pride Parade 2022

Every time a float with loud music passed by, the energy was electrifying! The cheers, the singing, the dancing, and many “Happy Pride” wishes were overflowing from start to finish. Even if the downpour came (temporarily) at the end, some revelers were still dancing in the rain.

Toronto Pride Parade 2022
Toronto Pride Parade 2022

Where are the Barriers?

That’s the question everyone asked. It was my first time attending a Toronto Pride Parade when the crowd barriers on the parade route were nowhere in sight. Don’t tell me they forgot or there was no budget for that? As a result, it was chaotic, and people were uncontrollable. Everyone wanted the best photos or views so that there was no more space left for the parade participants. There was also a lack of parade marshalls/volunteers to direct people to keep their distance from the main streets.

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Without barriers, the parade was messy.

The Danger of the Scaffoldings

I must admit that I was one of those people who climbed the scaffolding. All I wanted was to get better photos for this post. 😊 I intended to stay for 10-15 minutes, but I think I stayed for an hour because I felt that the temporary structure was sturdy enough to hold people. But when I saw too many of us there, I decided to go down with trembling knees. 😊

Toronto crowd showed up at the Pride
The Toronto crowd showed up at the Pride!

Toronto’s Pride Week Turns 50!

The parade was well-attended. Though it was chaotic, the show went on despite its flaws. So, let’s see who came to celebrate Toronto’s 50th Anniversary of Pride Week!

Toronto Pride Turns 50!
Toronto Pride Turns 50!

Here are 35 photos of the Toronto Pride Parade 2022!

Of course, my Asian peeps showed up with great poise and were ready to conquer the world of beauty pageants!

Toronto Pride Parade 2022 Photos
The Asian contingents are fierce!

At the parade, everyone is and can be a queen – with or without a crown. 😂

Toronto Pride Parade 2022
Were it, girls! Were it! / Toronto Pride Parade 2022

Here comes the Pink Dragon! The mythical animal can’t fly after all! But, look at its smile! 😂

Queer Asians at PrideToronto
Here comes the Pink Dragon!

It’s ok for guys in leather to hold an umbrella – as long as the umbrella is cute! 😂

Toronto Pride Parade 2022
Toronto Pride Parade 2022

The first Pride was a riot. Pride is political. But, nowadays, it’s also commercial.

Toronto Pride Parade 2022
Toronto Pride Parade 2022

And speaking of politics, guess who came out?

Jagmeet Singh at Pride
Jagmeet Singh came out to support everyone!

People cheered to support the LGBTQ Ukraine, especially those who can’t march because they’re fighting for the unprovoked war that Putin created.

PrideToronto Ukraine
People chanted, “Stop the War” when the Ukrainians passed by.

Messages of support were outpouring!

Toronto Pride Parade 2022 Photos
Toronto Pride Parade 2022 Photos

In a world full of copycats, be different! Be you!

PrideToronto LGBTQ
Pride is always fun!

Even the queen reaches out her hand to mere mortals.

PrideToronto Parade
Hail to the Queen!

TriggerFish Water Club members ‘fan the flame’ of the excited crowd with their fantastic choreography and flawless fanning skills! 😂

Triggerfish Water Polo Club at Pride
Triggerfish Water Polo Club at Pride Toronto

No one can carry pink pompoms better than the fab Montrealers!

Fierte Montreal Pride in Toronto

Japan showed up in full cultural costume!

Japan at PrideToronto

The Meta boys dance through it all – without asking for my personal digits! 😂

Meta Facebook PrideToronto
Meta Pride!

Rainbow here, rainbow there! Rainbow everywhere!

Toronto Pride parade 2022
Toronto Pride Parade 2022!

Characters of all colors are a staple in every parade, not just Pride!

Cartoon characters at Pride

At Pride, you can really be whoever you are!

Fetish Pride
PrideToronto is back!

The folks of the new TV show, “Queer as Folk”, were bold and proud!

Queer as Folk PrideToronto
Are you going to watch the new ‘Queer as Folk?.’ I would if it’s on Netflix!

Hmmnnn… where are the shirtless firemen who used to spray the thirsty crowd?

Firemen Missasauga Toronto
In previous Pride Parades, firemen would water spray the crowd to combat the heat.

What’s a party without Smirnoff?

Smirnoff at TorontoPride
Smirnoff comes in rainbow colors!

That see-through top is fabulous – even without the sparkling diamonds!

PrideToronto is back!
Pride Toronto is back!

Get off the street, people! It’s show time for the flag twirlers!

Flag twirlers at PrideToronto
Left, right, turn, and twirl!

Stiltwalkers were a sight to behold!

stilt walkers at PrideToronto 2022
Out and Tall!

Oink! Oink! Yay for vegans!

Vegans at Pride Toronto
Go vegan for vegans.

Do you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? I just learned it yesterday! 😂

Rainbow unicorn
Follow the unicorn, minions!

Bisexuals aren’t confused! Look at them! Do they look confused?

Bisexual at Pride
Bisexuality is real.
Toronto crowd is the best!
Toronto crowd is the best!

The Gap Problem

As usual, the parade had long gaps in between participating organizations. People got bored of waiting and so was I. With long gaps, the people waiting somewhere in Wellesley thought the parade was over. So, they occupied the street. Many left and went to the fairs at Church Street and somewhere else. These gap problem has been on for many years, but they still didn’t figure out how to solve it!? Can you imagine you’re having fun at a party, and the power suddenly goes off? And then it turned again. Off again. And on again? It’s annoying, right?

The gaps were long and I got exhausted I never had the time to take photos of those at the end of the parade. I was already at Church Street when the rain came. I was not sure if every participating sponsors/organizations was able to finish at Dundas Square. Let’s hope that next year, it gets better!

We still have 3 days to the end of June. It’s still Pride Month technically. So, Happy Pride, still! 🥰


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