Toronto Pride Parade 2011 Photos – Part 1

The best thing about this year’s Pride Parade is the obvious fact that it’s youth-oriented. I’m talking about the number of young Pride marchers who came free of inhibitions about their sexuality, be it LGBT or hetero.

The woman in the crowd, who I heard saying could never be factual when she said, “Look at these people—they’re not even 18 yet but they’re fun and comfortable with themselves.” 

I turned my back, looked at her and said, “You don’t need to be 18.”

Here the photos of the marchers from the 2011 Toronto Pride Parade.

For COMPLETE PHOTOS of 2011 Pride Celebration in Toronto, click HERE.

Also, visit the Pride Toronto website.

Former Toronto Mayor David Miller marched the Pride Parade wishing everyone a Happy Pride. He was soaking wet and cool about being gunned down with H2O.


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