Toronto Pride Parade 2011: One Million Crowd

More than a million Pride revellers came to support the LGBT community during the Toronto Pride Parade 2011 yesterday under the blistering heat of the sun. Not only they brought their rainbow flags and colored beads/necklaces, but also water guns to keep themselves cool–and well, to keep the fun going on. Imagine a police officer versus an onlooker for a water gun fight. Isn’t that fun? You can only do that during Pride Parade and not other in any major festival in this city.

For those who came with their young children, I admire you for such bravery and open-mindedness that other families won’t dare do. May your tribe increase.I hope you have explained convincingly enough the nudity part of the parade. LOL…

And for those who came to support their LGBT friends, brothers, sisters and parents, hats off to you. Keep that support coming until Rob Ford realizes that he’s alone in his own homophobia.


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