Toronto Old City Hall at Night

I passed this Toronto Old City Hall building a hundred times but it looked just like any other buildings of this style anywhere around the area. I think that the true beauty of this historic site can be appreciated at night when its illuminated, though it looks like a haunted castle where Dracula lives.

Toronto Old City Hall at Night.
Toronto Old City Hall at Night.

Located on the corner of Queen Street West and Bay Streets, this massive Romanesque architecture built in sand, grey and brown stones used to be the city’s center of politics from 1899-1966.

It stands there like a powerful, fierce, intimidating structure, in contrast with the glittering glass walls and windows of modern skyscrapers that surrounds it. 

In many different angles, the building is very photogenic at night.

Toronto Old City Hall at Night.
Toronto Old City Hall at Night.

When the bell tower chimes every hour, it calls for attention and proclaims its formidable strength as if telling those boring skyscrapers that they are nothing but low class designs of modern architecture. LOL….

You can’t appreciate much of its beauty during the day.

The side views of the new and old city hall. How contrasting are they? You be the judge, who rules? :))

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