Top Travelling Times in Turkey

A wonderful mixture of the exotic and the familiar, Turkey is a fantastic holiday destination with so much to see and do.  Where East meets West, the whole country bursts with thousands of years of history. Plenty of companies like First Choice offer Turkey holidays, taking you to a truly remarkable place for a mesmerising experience.

Top Travelling Times in Turkey

Topkapi Palace / Photo credit: Context Travel 

Turkey Hot Spots

There’s a huge range of places to visit in Turkey, with cultural diversity and two separate continents, along with the history of Byzantine, Ottoman, Roman and Persian empires to view.


A vibrant resort offering excellent nightlife along with astounding scenery, Marmaris is a mixture of entertainment and relaxation. There are ancient ruins and sandy beaches, and it’s one of the most popular resorts in Turkey for good reason!


Located on the coast and encircled by wild mountains, Bodrum provides a swathe of mythology, history and beautiful landscapes. It’s the birthplace of Herodotus and provides one of the Seven Wonders of the World: the tomb of Mausolus from 3BC.

Top Travelling Times in Turkey

Bodrum / Photo credit: Yilmaz Oevuenc


No trip to Turkey is complete without a visit to this historical gem, which is still the commercial and cultural centre of Turkey. Wander through the Grand Bazaar to fully immerse yourself in the bustling day to day life of Istanbul, or visit Topkapi Palace: the historical home of generations of sultans and their secretive harems.


Turkey’s capital city is right in the centre of the country and it’s a sprawling, modern city which is the keystone for the development of modern Turkey. Many historical landmarks are found around Ulus, with Ankara Castle and the Museum of Anatolian Civilisations highly recommended.

Getting Around the Place

Turkey is huge, and there’s a great number of ways you can travel across this beautiful country, from bus to bike, train to car to boat.

If you’re looking to see a lot of the country, consider an internal flight. With many airlines to fit your budget this is a good choice for travellers traversing long distances. Driving in Turkey can be chaotic, with road signs largely ignored and turn signals used sporadically. However, if you’re feeling brave it’s easy to rent a car; and the roads are relatively good.

With planned high-speed lines across the country, along with refurbishments of existing lines, Turkey’s trains are promising and affordable for both long and short distances. Buses are the most popular form of transport for long distance, and smaller trips are serviced by Dolmus mini buses. The coaches for long distances are generally excellent in comparison with the rest of Europe, and the prices are affordable.

Turkey is a wonderful, bustling mixture of everything you could possibly want to see: history, beaches, beautiful landscapes; and it’s all connected by a range of convenient transport options. See as much as you can while you’re there, travel around and visit as many places as you have time for!

Images by Context Travel and Yilmaz Oevuenc, used under the Creative Commons licence.



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  • I’ve been to Turkey twice and I love this country. Istanbul is hotpot of everything. In December, I’m going back again. 🙂

  • I once worked in Ankara and Istanbul but didn’t like both cities. As a woman. I felt there’s danger lurking around. I have to be with friends ALL the time. But, for a visit, I think it’s ok.

    • A friend of mine who traveled alone there two years ago also felt the same way. She avoided places/streets with only few people walking. She didn’t enjoy the country fully because of her paranoia. 🙂

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