8 of the Top Places to Snag a Snapshot in Texas During Your Next Family Vacation

Every family is hungry for finding that “picturesque” vacation, aren’t they?

Well, what better place to enjoy such a vacation than perhaps the most photogenic state in the nation?

Stunning plains? Cityscapes? Mountains? Texas has it all and then some, all the while represents a prime place to vacation with families thanks to an endless array of things to do.

Whether you’re packing professional photography equipment or you simply want to snag some smartphone snapshots along the way, Texas represents the perfect place to visit. Here are some particular spots of interest for both getting an awesome photo and having a spectacular time with your family in the Lone Star State.

8 of the Top Places to Snag a Snapshot in Texas During Your Next Family Vacation
8 of the Top Places to Snag a Snapshot in Texas During Your Next Family Vacation

The Alamo

If you’re looking to capture the perfect image of Texas history, the Alamo is a solid starting point. A great spot especially if you’re visiting San Antonio with children, a dusk or dawn snapshot of the fortress in all of its glory is arguably the quintessential Texas snapshot. Although visitors are permitted only to document the Alamo from the outside, doing so is totally worth the trip.

Guadalupe Mountains

Although you might not think “mountains” when you think “Texas,” make no mistake: the Lone Star State has some seriously majestic peaks. 

There’s perhaps no better place to document Texas’ mountains that Guadalupe, including the highest point simply known as El Capitan. Photos from Guadalupe Mountains State and having for themselves and is a must-see for anyone passing through West Texas.

Palo Duro Canyon

Natural beauty and Texas go hand-in-hand, and photographers interested in both wildlife and flora should make Palo Duro Canyon a top priority if you’re near Amarillo. It’s not hard to get lost among nature with all of the wildlife at Palo Duro Canyon including woodpeckers, longhorns and the local mice specific to the region.

Pennybacker Bridge

Also known as the “Austin 360 Bridge,” the Pennybacker is one of the most significant sites of the capital. Whether you’re looking to trek the bridge yourself or simply admire it from afar, it’s great real estate for a sunset snapshot. The bridge provides a sweet view of the water and Austin’s downtown skyline if that’s more your speed.

Oh, and you can also tour the Texas State Capitol and score some downtown shots while you’re in the area, too.

Hamilton Pool

Here’s another key nature site for anyone around Austin.

This massive pool surrounding by limestone and boasting a spectacular waterfall view is a favorite for locals and out-of-towners alike. As a result, the nearby park and springs can quickly get crowded which means a bit of planning is more than likely required to get that perfect photo. Strive to get the Pool early for a stunning mid-morning photo if possible.

The Houston Skyline

Although Texas is certainly known for its natural beauty, the state’s cityscapes and skylines are nothing to scoff at this. The Same goes for the Houston skyline, of course, you can find a brilliant, unobstructed view from Allen Parkway’s famous “lock bridge.” 

There are additionally plenty of things to do near the Allen Parkway loop that is worth documenting via camera, especially if you can book a biking tour that takes you through downtown proper.

Dallas Arboretum

The Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden is a photographer’s paradise, plain and simple. With 66 aces to explore, families can easily get lost in the gardens’ seemingly endless varieties of plant life. Boasting a separate children’s garden, families can let their kids get some energy out while taking some awesome family photos along the way.

Big Bend National Park

Another gem of West Texas, Big Bend highlights both the beauty of the Lone Star State and Mexico. Deep canyons and basins galore, Big Bend’s one-of-a-kind wilderness is something that needs to be seen in person. Beyond landscape shots, wildlife such as wild boar and cougars roam the land for those willing to brave the desert at night.

That said, Big Bend is a total pleasure to visit if you’re bringing your kids along. There are tons of walking trails in addition to safe campsites where you can enjoy nature as a family. If you have little ones in your family who are hungry for adventure, you can certainly find it here. Between Texas’ natural beauty and the plethora of historical sites and fascinating architecture, you can find a fantastic spot to snag a photo in pretty much any of the state’s cities. That said, these sites and locations represent our must-sees in the state. Whether you’re just passing through or are planning a full-blown road trip, make sure you put these spots on your to-do list.


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