Top Budget Destinations Around the World

It is not too late to plan a holiday for this summer, although the cost is something that always has to be considered. There is no reason to despair though because there are plenty of fascinating destinations that you can get away to that will not set your budget back too badly. Why not try one of these?


Belgrade top budget destinations around the world
Belgrade is one of the top budget destinations around the world / Photo credit: Nicola Knezevic

Belgrade is a comparatively cost-effective place to visit mainly because it has not yet reached hot-spot status. The Serbian capital offers traditional cultural attractions like the Church of Saint Sava – which has beautiful architecture inspired by the Byzantine period – and a fortress that dates back to 279 BCE. It mixes these sights with more modern nightlife options and is also noted for the welcoming friendliness of those who live there. The total cost for a weekend break is under £150.


Ankara Top Budget Destinations around the world
Ankara is one of the top budget destinations around the world. / Photo credit: Febiyan

At the moment, Ankara loses out on most of the Turkish tourism trade to Istanbul, but that helps to make it a great budget alternative. It has just as many Roman-era antiquities as its more celebrated rival, while the citadel featuring ruins from the Byzantine period is unique to Ankara. It is home to numerous very affordable hostels and hotels and plenty of pubs and clubs for people who want to get out at night.


Bali Top Budget Destinations around the world
Bali is one of the Top Budget Destinations around the world / Photo credit: Dennis Rochel

This island in Indonesia is the place to go if you want tropical temperatures for your summer getaway. You can enjoy a trip to Bali for just £64.94, which easily makes it one of the cheapest places to visit. Everything from the accommodation to the food is a very low cost here due to the fact that it is a developing nation, and cheap is most certainly cheerful in this case. Bali is so beautiful that it has been given the nickname Island of the Gods and it offers sun-dappled beaches and the bluest oceans you will ever see, making it perfect for a lazy summer break.


Sorreto Italy  top budget destinations around the world
Sorrento is one of the top budget destinations around the world / Photo credit: Alicia Steels

Italy is always a popular choice, but when you look at the cost of a visit to Sorrento, it is a surprise that more people don’t choose this town on the coast. The food and drink are cheaper than it is in the UK, with a bottle of beer costing just £2.68 and £32.11 buying you a two-course meal for two. This is certainly a big part of the appeal of Sorrento, but with a splendid setting by the sea, it is not the only one. Sorrento is located on top of the cliffs, so you have spectacular views, while the Piazza Tasso square will let you enjoy Italian café culture. Chiesa di San Francesco, a church from the 14thcentury is another lovely feature of the town.

Just because you are operating on a budget, it does not mean that you cannot enjoy a memorable summer holiday trip. These are just a few of the dreamy destinations that won’t cost you the earth but will deliver heaven on earth.


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