Times Square Buskers

There used to be only the naked cowboy and naked cowgirl in Times Square in New York City. Nowadays, the center of downtown Manhattan is swarmed with buskers either in elaborate costumes or almost in their birthday suits–even if it’s cold.

For most naive tourists, these Time Square buskers are fun to look at—that they couldn’t resist asking them for a photo op. Little did they know that after pressing the shutter, they’re supposed to give “tips” for the “service” these buskers rendered to them.

Some buskers work in group. You only ask a busker to pose with you but others would jump right in the frame when they see the opportunity. You just can’t pay one but all of them who joined in the fun. You’ll give $5? Think again.

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I’m not sure if these naked cowgirls could really carry a tune. 

Naked Cowgirls Times Square Buskers

Times Square Buskers: The Naked Cowgirls.

But I’m sure they’re really friendly. 

Times Square Buskers Cowgirls New York

Times Square Buskers: The Naked Cowgirls.

These Statues of Liberty are overrated. 

Times Square Buskers New York Statue of Liberty

Bloody Blue Statues of Liberty!

Beware, these monsters can swallow a whole human.  

Times Square Buskers Monsters

Times Square Buskers

Is that Mr. Simpson? 

Times Square Buskers Simpsons

Buskers in Time Square New York City.

From the comfort of Disneyland to the streets in New York City, Mickey Mouse seems seems to be happier in Times Square.  

Times Square Buskers Mickey Mouse

Buskers in Time Square New York City.

Mickey and Minnie talk to Woody. 

Times Square Buskers Disney Characters

Buskers in Time Square New York City.

Here’s a moving and scary human ad of Jekyll Hyde Club. 

Times Square Buskers Halloween

Buskers in Time Square New York City.

Cartoon characters in serious conference.

Times Square Buskers Cartoon Characters

Times Square Buskers in New York City.

Captain America stands by, always ready to save the day…..   

Times Square Buskers Captain America

Buskers in Time Square New York City.

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