Things to See in Calgary – Across the River

Things to See in Calgary – Part 2. This post is a continuation of the previous post. However, this time, I will bring you to the other side of the city – across the Bow River. And this self-guided tour involves a lot of walking!

Things to see in Calgary
Things to see in Calgary

Calgary is a walkable and bike-friendly city. If you are planning to walk across the river, start early morning or late afternoon to avoid the searing heat. Also, be cautious when walking on this pathway because cyclists, skateboarders, runners, and segways use this path, too.

Bow River Pathway

Bow River Pathway Things to see in Calgary
Bow River Pathway / Things to see in Calgary

The trail or pathways runs from East to West along the River Bow. It is a 7.2-km loop trail that would take 2 hours to complete. However, you don’t have to make the whole trail; you can walk part of it and ride a bike for the rest. It’s nice to walk on the pathway directly opposite the city skyline – the views are spectacular. And if you have time, spend time sitting by the riverside, admire the views, and perhaps, dip your feet onto the turquoise water.

George King Bridge

George King Bridge Bow River Pathway Things to see in Calgary
George King Bridge in Calgary, Alberta / Things to see in Calgary

Calgary has so many bridges. Each one is unique from the others. Looking at or crossing them feels like a bridge competition in the city is ongoing. George King Bridge is one of my three favorites – for photo purposes! 😂

Prince’s Island Park Bridge

Prince Island Bridge / Things to see in Calgary
Prince Island Bridge / Things to see in Calgary

This is my second favorite bridge in Calgary. How could you not love it? Crossing the bridge gives you views of the downtown skyline.

Peace Bridge

Peace Bridge
Peace Bridge – the most beautiful bridge in Calgary!

And my favorite bridge is Peace Bridge! Well, it’s a very stunning and photogenic bridge, and I’d say this is as photogenic as the Tower Bridge in London. Because of the foot/bike traffic here, I stayed longer than the other bridges to get a good shot inside. You can find these photos here.

Ukrainian Church

Ukrainian Church Alberta
Ukrainian Church in Calgary

I know that churches are not tourist attractions, except in Italy, but whenever I pass by unique churches, I have the urge to go inside and find answers to my curiosity. If non-members can go inside, I’d go and see it! Unfortunately, this Ukrainian Church was closed when I walked along the Bow River.

Prince Island

Prince Island Alberta
Prince Island in Calgary

I crossed the Prince’s Island Bridge near the end of my self-guided walking tour. I went down to the riverside and sat there for a much-needed rest. It was relaxing listening to the sound of the flowing river.

Memorial Stairs on McHugh Bluff

By the time I passed these stairs, I was already exhausted and thirsty. I wasn’t really planning on doing this, but it was my last day in the city, so I just ignored my exhaustion. I climbed slowly up to the very last step, stopping on every platform to rest and admire the views. This is also an excellent spot to watch the sunset in Calgary.

Memorial Stairs in Calgary
Memorial Stairs in Calgary (Alberta)

And, if you want to see hot guys in Calgary, this is the best place to go! 😂 Fit humans run back and forth on these stairs!

Tyndale Park

An acquaintance told me that the best place to watch the sunset in Calgary is at Tyndale Park. And so I went on foot without realizing how far it was! Goodness, that day, I had almost 40K steps! But it was all worth it! The sunset views from up there were, indeed, the best!

Tyndale Park Calgary
Tyndale Park in Calgary (Alberta).

These are all the things to see in Calgary. These places may not be your kind of places to visit, but to each his own. The most important thing is you’ve enjoyed the places you’ve been to!

Tours from Calgary to Banff/Canadian Rockies

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Where to Stay in Calgary

There are two hostels in Calgary: HI Calgary Hostel and Wicked Hostel. Both are within walking distance of downtown and accessible to public transport. Luxurious and mid-range hotels are everywhere if you want to stay in downtown Calgary. You can book your accommodation via BookingExpedia, and HostelWorld.


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