Things to See in Calgary (Part 1)

My own Things to see in Calgary might not be the usual places you’d expect to read in other blogs. Well, at least, some of them, I reckon. If you are looking for food tips or places to eat in Calgary, this is not the post you’re looking for. I like food, but I’m not just a food blogger. This post has two parts: Downtown Area (Part 1) and Across the Bow River (Part 2).

I started my self-guided tour from the Light Rapid Transit (LRT) close to the Calgary Tower.

Calgary Tower

Visit Calgary Tower / Things to see in Calgary
Visit Calgary Tower / Things to see in Calgary

The structure used to be a towering fixture in the downtown area; however, its phallic-like beauty has been taken over by other skyscrapers surrounding it. And yes, you can go up there and see the city from above.

Glenbow Museum

Glenbow Museum / Things to see in Calgary
Things to see in Calgary / Glenbow Museum

The museum has an extensive collection of everything beautiful and fabulous! It houses contemporary arts and culture, from traveling exhibitions to permanent collections of contemporary arts & culture. Its permanent collection is one to watch out for.

National Music Center

National Music Center Things to see in Calgary
Things to see in Calgary – National Music Center

Looking at its exterior, this copper structure owns impressive music-related displays. The center/museum takes you on a journey through Canada’s Musical history. There are interactive displays here where you can play some musical instruments or experience what it’s like to be in a recording studio.

Saddle Dome

Saddle Dome Things to see in Calgary
Things to do in Calgary / Saddle Dome – Home to the World’s Largest Outdoor Rodeo

This structure does not need an introduction. From afar, you can already tell it resembles that of a saddle. Tagged as the World’s Largest Outdoor Rodeo, this is the place where they do their annual “Calgary Stampede.”

Devonian Center

Devonian Center in Calgary
Devonian Center in downtown

If you are walking downtown, you can’t miss Devonian Center. It’s a pedestrian street where you could sit in a cafe and watch people go by.

Calgary Chinatown

Chinatown Alberta

Having lived in China for a few years, there are times in my travels when I have the urge to visit Chinatown. And often, I’d end up eating in the area. Calgary’s Chinatown isn’t that big, but they had my favorite Chinese dish – the Sichuan spicy chicken! 😂

Wonderland Sculpture

Wonderland Sculpture in Calgary
Wonderland Sculpture in Calgary

This is, perhaps, Calgary’s most impressive outdoor sculpture. Can you guess if it’s a boy’s or a girl’s head? Head to the Bow Building, where you can see this fabulous public art blends with its surroundings.

Device to Root Out All Evil

Device to Root Out all evil
Device Root of All Evil Public Art in Calgary

Dennis Oppenheim designed this Upside Down Church, which was first seen in Vienna in 1997. This public art installation is called “Device to Root Out Evil.” With its inverted structure., I don’t think it’s hard to understand why it’s called such. 😊

Corridor of Connection Public Art

Public Art in Calgary
Public Art in Calgary

Murals are everywhere in Calgary. Most of them are neatly located. They are under bridges or in front of glass-covered structures. One public art you should see is the Corridor of Connection. The artist, Michelle Hoogveld, explores community, sport, connectivity, and gathering themes.

Sunset in Calgary

Sunset in Calgary Alberta
Sunset in Calgary from Barlow LRT Station.

One of the best places to watch the sunset in Calgary is, I think, the Barlow LRT stop. I couldn’t help but get off at the station and sat for 20 minutes there until the sun bade goodbye. It would be a perfect place to end your day here.

Tours from Calgary to the Canadian Rockies

From Calgary, you can take tours to the Canadian Rockies. Here are some tours you can take while you are in the Canadian Rockies:

Where to Stay in Calgary

There are two hostels in Calgary: HI Calgary Hostel and Wicked Hostel. Both are within walking distance to downtown and accessible to public transport. Luxurious and mid-range hotels are everywhere if you want to stay in downtown Calgary. You can book your accommodation via BookingExpedia, and HostelWorld.


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