Things to Do in Bratislava

Here are 10 things to do in Bratislava that are worthwhile your time. Two full days and a night were enough for me to explore Slovak Republic’s capital city before hopping on a train in the evening to my next destination. However, it is possible to visit the city in one day, because most of the ones listed here are walking distance from each other in the Old Town.

I was in Bratislava in early June last year and it was not even crowded. The Old Town at noon was quiet and there were only a few tourists. It was a welcome relief for me after visiting big cities, like Frankfurt, Cologne, Berlin, Vienna, and Prague.

Things to do in Bratislava Slovak
Things to do in Bratislava Slovak Republic Castle Travel Blog

1. Bratislava Castle

Bratislava Castle Things to do Slovak Republic Travel Blog
Bratislava Castle is on a hill that overlooks the city.

Situated atop the Old Town, the Bratislava Castle is an important mid-16th-century building. You can have spectacular views of the Petrzalka and the UFO Bridge not to mention the honor of attending one of the exhibitions.

2. St. Martin Cathedral

St Martin Cathedral Bratislava Things to do in one day
St Martin Cathedral in Bratislava has been a witness to a few Royal Coronations.

Probably, this is the only church with three naves in the country. The interior is housing the iconic relief of the Holy Trinity, a tympanum, and a gigantic internally divided portal. This small Cathedral had been a witness to a few Royal Coronations.

3. Rubberneck Cumil

Rubberneck Cumil Hostel in Bratislava
Rubberneck Cumil is Bratislava’s most famous statue.

Located in the Main Square and the most photographed statue of Bratislava, the Rubberneck Cumil represents a communist-era worker peeking under a woman’s skirt – at least that’s what’s famous about it.

4. Blue Church

Bratislava's Blue Church Hostel Hotel
Bratislava’s Blue Church is a bit away from the city but it’s worth a visit.

The Church of St. Elisabeth, widely known as Blue Church, is iconic because of its art nouveau style. From the outside, the blue tiles glare in contrast to the gray surrounding and inside, you’ll see beautiful yet simple embellishment covering the oval ground and oil paintings lining the walls.

5. Primate’s Palace

Primates Palace Hotel Hostel Slovak Republic Capital Hotel Hostel Travel Blog
Primate’s Palace is where you can find the Bratislava’s Mayor.

The place where the Mayor resides, Primate’s Palace is a pink and white marvel. It houses oil artworks of Habsburg royalty, ostentatious display of crystal chandeliers, and intricate tapestries. Don’t miss the Hall of Mirrors and the statue of St.George.

6. Old Town Hall

Slovak Republic Capital Hotel Hostel
Bratislava’s Old Town

The Old Town Hall and its vast courtyard face the Main Square of the capital called Hlavne Namestie. Bratislava City Museum is located here along with the Maximilian fountain. You can have a bird’s eye view from its tower and see its revered feudal artifacts in the museum.

7. Schone Naci

Schone Nach Statue Hotel Hostel Travel Blog Slovak Republic
Schone Naci Statue

Schone Naci will greet you on Sedlarska Street. Legend has it that is the statue of a person named Ignac Lamar who greeted women on the streets with flowers after being dumped by the love of his life.

8. Michael’s Gate

Michael's Gate is in the Old Town Hotel Hostel Travel Blog
Michael’s Gate is in the Old Town

This is basically a tower that can be accessed via the Museum of Arms. The baroque style copper roof makes it stand out, and once you climb to the upper terrace, you’ll have a spectacular 360-degree view of the Old Town.

9. Grassalkovich Palace

Grassalkovich Palace Slovak Republic Travel Blog Photo Hotel Hostel
Grassalkovich is the “White House” of Slovak Republic.

Before dining, visit this Presidential Palace. Although you cannot go inside, you can still relax in the lush gardens surrounding it and take time to breathe in what you’ve seen so far.

10. The UFO Tower

UFO Tower Hostel Hotel
The view from UFO Tower is a must to see.

The modern icon of Bratislava, the UFO Tower is a vantage point located on the UFO Bridge. There’s a viewing platform situated atop. However, if you’re more into delving in the tastes of Slovakia, dine in the restaurant located there.

Hotel / Hotel in Bratislava

Bratislava is pretty cheap, so you can indulge yourself by staying in a nice hotel. Radisson Blu Bratislava is right smack in the center of the city and you’ll never regret staying here. If you are a backpacker, Hostel Brickyard is just a few steps from the train station and the bus stop that goes to the airport is also a few steps from here. I’d recommend this if you have an early flight or early train schedule. However, the location is around 1.2 kilometers to the city center which I think is reasonable and a good way to know the city on foot.


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