The Thousand Islands Tour

I have always wanted to go there. Was supposed to go there last year but for some reason I couldnt remember, it never happened.

Two weekends ago, my biatches and I planned to go there by renting a car. Because they are biatches, so, it never happened. But, I was determined to go, so I contacted a couchsurfer in Kingston and asked some details of the The Thousand Islands Tour and if he could host me. He said YES and he could drive me to Gananoque to join me for the tour. Hes a nice guy. I was lucky.

I bought a megabus ticket for $29 (Toronto-Kingston) and $9 going back. Not bad for a three-hour trip, eh?

At 10:30 in the morning, our ship, together with a hundred tourists or more, sailed from Gananoque port to parts of the U.S. territory/islands for 2 hours and a half tour that cost us $30 each.

The Thousand Islands is a vacation land/island for the rich and famous. The cottages along the lake can attest to such richness and fame. While on boat tour, a voice over announcer introduces you to the names of the islands and its distinct history.

Theres an area called “The Millionaires Row” near Alexandria Bay where houses are, of course, owned by the millionaires. The tour itself snakes through parts of the longest undefended border in the world—which is quite interesting to know. But, what if the area is rich in oil? Would Canada and US be at war?

Obviously, the inhabitants of this island are birds. They build their nest atop the lighthouse.

This house is under renovation—and I like the dome.

There are 1,864 islands that are scattered both in the Canadian and US side.

These two islands are connected by, perhaps, the worlds smallest bridge ever.

Apparently, the owners backyard is in the other island. How cool is that?

If Id win a lotto, Ill buy an island here and Ill call it, “Queer Island.” LOL…

Without a doubt, if you buy an island here and build a house in it, you gotta own a boat, too–and you know why. Water sports, like jet skiing, boating, yachting are very common here and you can see a lot of them everywhere.

This Thousand Islands International Bridge that connects the US and Canada at Ivy Lea was opened by former US President Franklin D. Roosevelt and Canadas Prime Minister MacKenzie King in 1938.

Almost all houses/cottages along the lake have their own port.

This is one of the smallest islands in the area. This one is called, “Just Room Enough”–for obvious reasons. It is near the Boldt Castle.

Apparently, it is customary to wave our hands to whoever we met on this lake. Literally, anyone we met here. Either they are on a yacht, speedboat, kayak, etc… I was clueless. But, I did wave to a few of them. Its tiring to wave like a beauty queen, you know… :))

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