Rock Climbing at The Grotto

Back in the third world where I come from, a grotto is not synonymous to a cave or cove. It’s associated with a man-made, artificial cave-like concrete structure with a statue of the Virgin Mary in it, surrounded by tiny statuettes of children and angels venerating the immaculate woman. There’s one outside the church premises or even in our Catholic High School. We knelt and prayed before it, of course. To the Virgin, not to the grotto. 🙂

Not far from the Indian Head Cove (3-5 minutes walk), is The Grotto of Bruce Peninsula where it meets the turquoise waters of Georgian Bay.

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Before I explored The Grotto, I stopped by this cliff to dangerously pose. 

The Grotto Bruce Peninsula

I asked an old hiker to press the timed shutter in my camera but he was very hesitant–because, according to him, it was very dangerous. But, after using my charm, he agreed.

In front of the cliff where I sat, were these two daredevils—cliff dating. 

The Grotto Bruce Peninsula

Conquering The Grotto is like cliff or rock climbing—sans the safety harness. 

The Grotto Bruce peninsula

There’s no easy way…..

The Grotto Bruce Peninsula

… but go down in a dangerous way. 

Bruce Peninsula georgian Bay

This is it. But, I’m 100% sure you’re not looking at The Grotto.

Bruce peninsula georgian bay

Your life depends on how you hold on tight to the corrugated rocks…

Bruce Peninsula Georgian bay

…while your feet are grappling for something to temporarily stand on. 

Bruce Peninsula Georgian Bay

It’s not a long way down nor a long way up…

Bruce Peninsula Georgian Bay

…but in one false step…

Georgian Bay Bruce Peninsula

…you could be hurt or die. 

Georgian Bay Bruce Peninsula

But, once you’re down there…

Georgian Bay Bruce Peninsula

…the reward is a refreshingly cool water, waiting to tell you, “Hello there, stranger! Welcome to my world!” 

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