The Great Wall of China

Sunrise at the Great Wall of China is one view that would forever be etched in my memory. The serenity from where I stood to take this pic is reflected in the rugged terrains of the landscape where the ancient wall is snaking through its way up, as if reaching to heaven’s azure. The arch window of the fort makes it a perfect frame like it’s my normal morning ritual to check the weather in my backyard.

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The Great Wall of China.

The Great Wall of China.

After months of thinking/planning, I finally made it into a poster (18 x 24 inches) which now hangs on the wall of my bedroom–to remind me of that fun summer in 2008 when two friends (Danica and Alexa) and I slept in a hostel for a night at the foot of the Sematai section of the wall, woke up early to catch the sunrise—and we were not disappointed.

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!

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  • Hello. Do you know which part of the great wall is the best to go? A friend and I are planning to go and we’re gonna stay there for 5 days. Thanks.

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