The Brave, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Weird at Venice Beach

Venice Beach is everything. There’s the bold, the strong, the beautiful, the weird, the hip and the artist. It is a place that shows all we think of America—without the republicans!

The Brave, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Weird in Venice Beach

Venice Beach Los Angeles, California

The Bold. They’re young but already bold to scale up and down the skateboarding pit. One false move could lead them to injury.

Skateboarders in Venice Beach

Skateboarders in Venice Beach

The Strong. Venice Beach is a host to the Muscle Men and Women competition. Better go in early afternoon and check it out at the little arena during the competition.

Venice Beach Iron Men Women

Venice Beach Iron Men Women Contest

The Beautiful. The eye candies are everywhere in Venice Beach. But don’t waste your time on the boardwalk. The weird, mostly, stay there. Go to the beach instead and ogle at the tanned and toned surfers chasing waves. You can see some of these hotties playing volleyball, too. The public exercise parks are full of men flexing muscles you would want to stay there forever.

Venice Beach Hot Guys

An eye candy doing his routine. Sigh. 😉

The weird. This Freak show is weird.

Freak show in Venice, Los Angeles

Freak show in Venice, Los Angeles

The Weird. This lazy dog just lie there and waited for unsuspecting tourists to drop a dollar. If the owner caught you taking picture, even from afar, he would shout and remind you to pay a dollar for a picture.

Lisa, the Lazy Dog Beach Venice

Lisa, the Lazy Dog

The Buskers. There are a lot of buskers around. Few in groups or duo and some do it alone.

Buskers in Beach Venice

He does breakdancing and moonwalk. I’m not sure if he’s the dead MJ?

The Hip. The Green Doctors can advise you for all your green needs, I guess?

Buskers in Beach Venice

Buskers in Venice

The Artists. Artists and artisans line along the boardwalk. They’re in shades or sun all day. I’m not really sure if there are a lot of people buying their stuff that they would require $1 fee if you take a photo of what they’re selling. It could be for copyright reasons or just plain tactic to earn.

Venice Beach Los Angeles

Venice Beach, Los Angeles

The Murals. They’re everywhere. They’re huge, small, bold, vibrant and beautiful.

The Brave, the Bold, the Beautiful and the Weird in Venice Beach

Murals in Venice

The Palm Trees. As you can see the photo below, they’re not spared from paint sprays.

Palm Trees Beach Venice

The Palm Trees

The Boardwalk. Isn’t just for walking, obviously.

Venice Beach Boardwalk

Venice Beach Boardwalk

How to get there by public transportation:
From downtown [easyazon_link asin=”0789322579″ locale=”US” new_window=”yes” nofollow=”default” tag=”pridecostume-20″ add_to_cart=”default” cloaking=”default” localization=”yes” popups=”yes”]Los Angeles[/easyazon_link], take the bus to Santa Monica. Get off at the last stop (Santa Monica Beach). Then, transfer to Big Blue Bus that takes you to Venice Beach.

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