Beijing:Temple of Heaven

Pardon me if this blog has turned into a photoblog. My life has not been exciting this past weeks and it’s my choice. I’m on hiatus from raves and going to parties that involves drinking.

It’s doctor’s advice. I should be sober (meaning, alcohol-free) for the next three months to see if this uncomfy feeling that I’ve been having these days is… u know…

But, I did break the rule last Spring Festival. I had glasses of vodka red bull, bottles of beer and a big glass of mojito. What’s an electronic music without a social lubricant that makes you feel like you are in trance of movements so wonderful to resist.

Ok, enough drama.

The photos below are taken from the Temple of Heaven. I’ve read some travel books that describe this monument as Asia’s most wonderful architectural style, next to Taj Mahal. I won’t contest it, anyway. I’m illiterate when it comes to ranking architectural this and that. And besides, I’ve never been to Taj Mahal.

We’ll take you from ancient to modern China!

Temple of Heaven is a cultural mecca of everything Chinese. If you go there in the morning, you’ll see people doing Chinese stuff or dexterously showing off their skills at everything.

I tried this once but my knees are just too weak. And I can’t even feel what taichi is for. Perhaps, my body has so many pressures, issues that I need to resolve to exactly feel the peace and health benefits of this exercise?

Lots of musicians do their stuff publicly that, of course, catch the attention of every passerby. They’re pretty serious improving and doing their stuff and good at it, too.


While others have musical talents, these couple dance their morning away to the tune of something ballroom. I think they were doing the Swing.


This guy was a total show-off. He practically told everyone to move backwards so he could move freely in a big space and well, to be photographed. He knew my lenses were focusing him so he came nearer to my direction and when I clicked the shutter and left, he literally stopped. Whatta guy!


Though I didn’t really understand the music they played, it was obvious that they’re doing some courtship dance of their tribe. It was wonderful to see them dance skillfully in their happy feet.


This game is, perhaps, the most overrated game that you can find in every corner of the Temple of Heaven, especially on the benches of the Long Corridor.


To the tune of a Chinese traditional music, this guy flaps his fan like a pro. Bravo!


The guy in red jacket led these group of people into a choreographed square dance from beginning to end. It’s quiet exciting at first but it gets boring after 3 or 4 rounds / squares. 🙂

Then…. there are people who find joy, contentment and fun watching tourists as they pass by…


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