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5 Interesting Facts about the Doge’s Palace in Venice

If anything strikes our minds after hearing the name “Italy,” it is Venice – a city where everything is shrouded in romance and intrigue. Doge’s Palace, in particular, is one of those places, and it is right next to the San Marco Basilica. 5 Interesting Facts about the Doge’s Palace

10 Things to Do in Venice

Lying on 117 small islands, Venice is an Italian haven for tourists, cradling 250,000 residents. I had the pleasure of visiting it last summer. Here’s my list. 10 Things to do in Venice 1. San Marco Cathedral and Square A perfect place to people-watch, San Marco square has three famous

Admiring San Giorgio Maggiore Church From Afar

A friend had suggested visiting San Giorgio Maggiore Church because the incredible view from its tower is much better than the one atop the San Marco Campanile. Well, that’s his point of view – and I can’t agree with that because I never had the time to visit it, and

The Views From Rialto Bridge – The Oldest Bridge in Venice

Rialto Bridge is the oldest bridge in Venice that connects San Marco and San Polo areas. It was first in the 12th century and has been rebuilt so many times since then. There’s no doubt that the Rialto Bridge is the most famous bridge and most photogenic of all 4

Views of Venice From the Accademia Bridge is Postcard Perfect!

The views of Venice from the Accademia Bridge are postcard perfect! In fact, visit any souvenir shops in Venice and there’s a 100 percent chance that you’ll find the views of the Grand Canal from this bridge on the shelves. They’re not just in postcards but also in books, t-shirts,

I Rode a Gondola in Venice and I Loved it!

I rode a gondola in Venice and I loved it! Yes, it’s a very touristy thing to do but you’d never fully experience Venice if you’d passed up this experience. You’ve got to explore the city’s canals by taking a gondola tour! I can assure you that no matter how

Basilica di San Marco Glitters in Gold

In Venice, Basilica di San Marco glitters in gold. No, you won’t be able to see gold on its facade but wait until you see its interior. I’m not sure if they intended to have the interior a bit dark. Perhaps, it’s to emphasize the beaming gold that you’d see

Venice: The Mosaics of San Marco Basilica

These mosaics of San Marco Basilica are from the 11th century but they never lose their luster. They’re our windows to Byzantine art. Be warned: you can’t take photos inside St. Mark’s Basilica. While there’s no entrance fee, the number of visitors allowed to get inside is controlled and limited.

Views of Venice from the Top of San Marco Campanile

The views of Venice from the top of San Marco campanile (St. Mark Bell Tower) at sunset is beyond mesmerizing. It’s magical! Looking down at the red-tiled roofs and a host of unique architectural designs, I had goosebumps that I’d remember forever. Yes, Venice is crowded with tourists and even

The Iron Men and Women of Venice Beach

Don’t get me started with Venice Beach. Ah, it’s one beach to go when you’re in Los Angeles. Though it’s a little more than an hour bus ride from downtown LA, you’ll be rewarded of something you won’t expect—but that’s another blog entry later. And one of those things you