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Travel Itinerary: One Day in Toledo

Just like the rest of the cities in Spain, Toledo also presents a conundrum of Roman, Jewish, Christian, and Muslim architecture, which actually tells the stories of the confluence of these cultures resulting from the respective conquests. The entire day I spent in the city had me gawking at the

Travel Itinerary: One Day in Avila

Avila is one of the historical jewels of the crown of Spain. Cities around the world are witnesses of many past events, and this medieval town is no exception. It has seen the Moorish and the Christian rule, and both eras have left their footprints on the city in the

The Splendid Mosaics of Basilica di San Vitale in Ravenna

Ravenna is called “The City of Mosaics” for places such as the Basilica di San Vitale. I was dazzled by the Byzantine mosaics that played before my eyes and I couldn’t help but contemplate all its historical attributes of this place, not to mention its architectural magnificence. The first stone

Park Guell in Barcelona is Visually Stunning

Park Guell in Barcelona is visually stunning. I’m not only referring to the legacy of arts and architecture that Antoni Gaudi left but also to the nature and breathtaking views you’ll see from up here. You’ve never been to Barcelona if you’ve never been to Parc Guell. This is the

City Skyline: Lyon Panorama From the Hilltop

If there’s one thing that I regret visiting Lyon (in the central east part of France), that would be – I only stayed for two nights. A city with so much to offer, why did I think of staying there in such a short time? I don’t know the answer

St Peter Basilica – The World’s Largest Church

St Peter Basilica, a creation of some of the world’s greatest artists, is a lasting testimony of faith in the Church. The impressive façade is crowned by thirteen statues; in the middle is Jesus who is flanked by St. John and eleven Apostles. There is a balcony in the center

View of the Vatican from the Top of St Peter Basilica

The view of the Vatican from the top of St Peter Basilica is one for your dream. If you’re like me who like to see city skylines, then we could travel together. The views from up there are surreal. You won’t just be able to see the city-state itself but

What You See Inside St Peter Basilica in the Vatican

What you see inside St Peter Basilica in the Vatican will be with you for a long time, if not, forever. As someone who grew up Catholic, it’s kinda a big deal for me to be inside a colossal place of worship. No, I didn’t meet the living Pope but

The Amazing Statues Outside Palazzo Vecchio in Florence

There is art everywhere you go in Florence. Even their bridges have tiny statues you might not notice from the Middle Ages. Their narrow, cobble-stoned streets will never fail to surprise you. There’s always something interesting, ancient, and historical in the city’s nooks and corners. The amazing statues outside Palazzo