Dubai Mall Aquarium 2

Mall of Dubai Aquarium and Underground Zoo

The Mall of Dubai Aquarium and Underground Zoo is not for all. It is expensive for the common employee in

Marina Skyline Dubai 3

Dubai Under Construction

So much has been said about Dubai, a city of superlatives—best, first, largest, highest and tallest. It’s a city of

Souk MAdinat Dubai 2B

Souk Madinat in Dubai – A Little Arabian Town

Souk Madinat in Dubai is built like a little Arabian town, a clean version of a town. Don’t be intimidated

Burj Al Arab Dubai 1

Burj Al Arab Dubai is Not a Seven-Star Hotel

Burj Al Arab Dubai is not a certified seven-star hotel in the world. You read the title right. No one

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi Things to do 8

Things to do at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

Ferrari World is awesome when you’re with someone or group of friends. My brother had to eke out a living—so

Heritage Village Abu Dhabi 20

The Heritage Village that Doesn’t Have Much Heritage

The Heritage Village in Abu Dhabi is something you might expect that has a lot of heritage for you to

Abu Dhabi Walking Tour 12

My Own Walking Tour in Abu Dhabi

I had my own walking tour in Abu Dhabi. I figured it out using Google Map. My Lonely Planet Guidebook

Al Ain Desert 10

Frolicking in Al Ain Desert

Al Ain Desert was the first desert I set foot in United Arab Emirates. On the first weekend I arrived

Emirates Palace Abu Dhabi UAE 5

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi

The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is where you should stay—if you have the cash to burn. This hotel spells

Desert Sunset Tour Dubai 4

Photos: Desert Sunset

Desert sunset is breathtakingly magical. Behind the sea of sand, the orange ball goes down like a ball of fire,