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New York City – Flat Iron Building

Well, if you are looking from up there, it surely looks like a flat iron building, right? But if you look up from below (from I stand), it looks like a cute “mushroom”, eh? LOL…. You know what I mean. :)) For New York Hostels, click HERE.  For New York cheap flights,

The City Hall of Manhattan

Looking up the City Hall of Manhattan is so intimidating. The colossal architecture itself is bold, classic and powerful. Standing on its foot gave me a feeling of being a tiny little creature worshipping to a pedestal that’s ready to crush me anytime. For New York Hostels, click HERE.  For New

View from Roosevelt Island

Roosevelt Island is between Manhattan Island and Queens borough. The skyline view from Roosevelt Island is amaaazing! It’s just a tiny island with a view that will surely make you stop and sit on one of the benches there along the river boardwalk. You can even lie down on the

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

I slept at a capsule hotel, called Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel. Boy, you’ve got to experience sleeping in a capsule hotel, which is more like sleeping inside your own tomb. 🙂 “Yes, I’d recommend it for the bizarre experience of it!” 😀 I was blown away by the 630 tomb-like capsules

My First Sumo Wrestling

No, it wasn’t me in the ring. I didn’t fight. I’m too tiny for that. LOL.  I am one of those lucky travellers in Japan who came here during Sumo season: January, May and September. Sumo Wrestling at Ryogukan Sumo Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.Sumo Wrestling at Ryogukan Sumo Stadium in Tokyo,

Tokyo Skyline from Metropolitan Government Offices

Going up to the 45 floor was FREE. Yes, it’s free! I love japan already! The Japanese security guards and the elevator attendants were very courteous and they bowed each time they finish inspecting someone’s bag. And all I could mutter was “xie xie.” Hahahahahaha…. I know, I’m becoming Chinese now.

Japan – Shinjuku District in Tokyo

I woke up early only to find out that the guy next to my capsule is shirtless. And cute. LOL… Handsome? Hmmmnnn… I said, he’s cute. 😀 I took a shower and packed my stuff so I can move to the dormitory type room. My wooden capsule was just temporary–for