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My first Kayak Experience

Last weekend, I had my first kayak experience at Kelso Lake for an hour. I paddled across the lake in a single kayak (see more here:  and boy, it was easier than I thought! But, I must admit, I bumped my kayak into tree branches on the shore because

Photos: Scotiabank Caribbean Festival 2014 Caribana Toronto

It’s a festival called with two names: Caribana Festival (the old one) and Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival (the new one). For most people, the former is better-sounding than the latter that bears its sponsor’s name. Caribana, aka Scotiabank Caribbean Festival 2014 is no different from the past: disorganized. The first time

Toronto Naked Santas in Speedos Brave Blizzard

Ok, they are not totally naked but almost. Adorned with a red hat, a flimsy, red speedo, antlers and some shiny beads, Toronto’s naked Santas brave blizzard, running around a 3-km block in Yorkville Village. They ignore the freezing temperature—in the name of charity. Since 2005, they run to raise money

Cheaper Way To See Toronto Skyline

The price ($32) you pay to climb CN Tower, North America’s free standing structure, is the same bucks you pay for three glasses of white wine at Panorama Lounge—your cheaper choice to see Toronto skyline in its glorious, sweeping view. Located on the 51st floor of Manulife Building, diners, loungers,

Toronto Nuit Blanche 2013

Toronto Nuit Blanche is here once again and it’s time to be wowed by the art outdoor installations that glow all night long on October 5 from sunset to sunrise the next day. It’s also a time to be disappointed by the crowded streets and areas where the installations are

Stargazing at Toronto International Film Festival 2013 – Part 2

Because I was told that I can go back to work on the 16th of September, so, instead of travelling, I decided to stay here for the Toronto International Film Festival 2013 (TIFF 2013). Stargazing in film festivals is cheaper than travelling, right? Though fans have to endure long queues

Stargazing at TIFF 2013 – Toronto International Film Festival

World-renowned (second to Cannes) TIFF 2013 (Toronto International Film Festival) is here once again—–and it only means one thing for the movie fanatics: stargazing. You never know who’ll show up. The festival runs from September 5-15 and as usual, it’s star-studded. Who did I meet? I like the sound of meet, instead

Toronto Buskerfest 2013 – Reasons Why You Should Join The Fun

Downtown Toronto, on Yonge Street (between College and Queen Streets) is closed for Canada’s most family-friendly summer festival, the Toronto Buskerfest 2013–a gathering of all things buskers/busking–in support of Epilepsy Toronto. A total of 56 buskers from around the world congregate to give Torontonians a kind of summer entertainment that

Beaches in Toronto – Bask in the sun and sand and get a tan!

It’s officially not summer in Toronto yet, but the rising temperature is already upon us. Sweaty foreheads and body parts/pits are starting to smell. It’s my pet peeve I can’t hide my disgust on my face. Yuck! There’s only one thing you should do to cool yourself down before exploding

Things To Do in Toronto for Budget Travellers

Toronto is a fantastic city to visit for families and for budget travellers alike. It might seem that the major attractions in Toronto are expensive and out of reach for those on a tight budget, but you can still enjoy this world class city. In fact, check out these attractions

Winter Wonderland in Blue Mountain

My first sojourn in 2013 is exploring the freezing Blue Mountain for a day. Well, only four hours, to be exact. The bus was late for 30 minutes and the driver wasn’t even apologetic. There was no apology issued or even an announcement from the customer service that our bus

Cheltenham Badlands in Fall

Cheltenham Badlands is a badass soil. Its deprived of lush vegetation and formed into shiny, bald reddish rolling hills and in between narrow trenches that go down unto the rich soil satiated with lush foliage. A short scenic drive (be awed by the fall colours) from Toronto, the Badlands is

Before I Die I Want To

Before I Die I Want To… Fill in the blanks. What would yours be? Out of the many things you have in your bucket list, which one is the most important thing you really want to accomplish before you finally close your eyes for an eternal beauty rest? … get

The Thousand Islands Tour

I have always wanted to go there. Was supposed to go there last year but for some reason I couldnt remember, it never happened. Two weekends ago, my biatches and I planned to go there by renting a car. Because they are biatches, so, it never happened. But, I was

Perez Hilton

Perez Hilton HMV, Eaton Center Toronto, Canada Famous celebrity blogger Perez Hilton was busy signing books yesterday afternoon at HMV in Eaton Center for his childrens book, “The Boy With A Pink Hair.” He was very accommodating to everyone and willing to answer few, brief questions. Gone was the “other” persona he

Martyrs’ Shrine

An hour and a half drive from Toronto, lies a beautifully preserved, Gothic-styled Martyrs’ Shrine. According to David, the one who generously offered his time to bring us there, the Shrine was dedicated in honor for those early religious workers in Canada who first settled in Midland. These people were