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The Neon Lights of Kabukicho in Shinjuku

The neon lights of Kabukicho in Shinjuku, Tokyo can be blinding to the eye for a first timer like me. On the night I stayed at Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel, I decided to explore Tokyo’s famed red light district. Right after dinner in one of tiny restaurants in the

Inside a Sake Factory in Japan

Your trip to Japan won’t be complete without drinking a sake, right? But, it’s more interesting if you’ll go inside a sake factory and learn how the country’s most well-known, traditional social lubricant is made. Sake, I’ve learned, is a Japanese term for liquor. It is made from rice, thus,

Dotombori Namba is the heartbeat of Osaka

Dotombori Namba is the heartbeat of Osaka’s city life. It’s a good place to do everything: eat, shop, drink or watch strangers as they go by. This area has a lot of Japanese teenagers ready to get wasted, have fun and maybe, get laid. The colourful neon lights and the

Japan: Gay Osaka

While typing this blog update, I am tipsy. Ok, well, in between tipsy and drunk. What’s the word? The Japanese guy I met at a sauna called Hokuohkan kept on pouring me some sparkling wine at the dinner. And to answer your questions, dahlin, “No, we didn’t do it.” We

Japan – Gay Tokyo

A trip to Tokyo for me is not complete without visiting any gay bars in this crazy, busy city where everyone (or almost?) chases time and money. Here are some golden queer places for everyone out there who wants to polish their queerness or at least, be queer for a

An early morning at Tsukiji Fish Market in Tokyo

I have no decent sleep—because I slept in a sauna last night. I woke at 4:30 a.m not because I had to go to Tsukiji Market to watch the tuna auction which starts at 5:30. Yes, I know it’s too early for a traveler to wake up, right? But, who would miss

Tokyo By Night Looks Like Paris

Tokyo by night looks like Paris. There’s a tower in the middle of the city that looks like an Eiffel Tower but a bit smaller in size. And where’s the best place to view Tokyo’s skyline at night? Head over to Roponggi Hills, known for the Japanese yuppies and fashionistas.

Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

I slept at a capsule hotel, called Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel. Boy, you’ve got to experience sleeping in a capsule hotel, which is more like sleeping inside your own tomb. 🙂 “Yes, I’d recommend it for the bizarre experience of it!” 😀 I was blown away by the 630 tomb-like capsules

My First Sumo Wrestling

No, it wasn’t me in the ring. I didn’t fight. I’m too tiny for that. LOL.  I am one of those lucky travellers in Japan who came here during Sumo season: January, May and September. Sumo Wrestling at Ryogukan Sumo Stadium in Tokyo, Japan.Sumo Wrestling at Ryogukan Sumo Stadium in Tokyo,

Burning Joss Sticks at Sensoji Temple

I went to SensoJi Temple today to burn joss sticks. Like the rest of humanity, I have some wishes, too. 😉 I went there on late afternoon when students and working people were done with their daily routine. So, that’s why it was crowded. Youngsters came in fashionable but strange

Traditional Japanese Weddings at Meiji Jingu Shrine

Yesterday was, perhaps, the most expensive day, so far, in this trip.   Today, I visited and strolled the huge Meiji – Jingu, a Shrine surrounded with more than a 100,000 trees. In the middle of this lush urban forest is a simple, yet, elegant shrine to honor the former

Tokyo Skyline from Metropolitan Government Offices

Going up to the 45 floor was FREE. Yes, it’s free! I love japan already! The Japanese security guards and the elevator attendants were very courteous and they bowed each time they finish inspecting someone’s bag. And all I could mutter was “xie xie.” Hahahahahaha…. I know, I’m becoming Chinese now.

Japan – Shinjuku District in Tokyo

I woke up early only to find out that the guy next to my capsule is shirtless. And cute. LOL… Handsome? Hmmmnnn… I said, he’s cute. 😀 I took a shower and packed my stuff so I can move to the dormitory type room. My wooden capsule was just temporary–for