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Things To Do in Montreal

Old Montreal

A visit to Montreal wont ever be complete without walking on the cobblestoned streets of Old Montreal where the first arrivals of the city settled, minutes walk from the St. Lawrence River where a port was established and is still serving the locals and tourists. In summer, the port and

Montreal – View from Mont Royal Chalet

This is the view from Mont Royal Chalet in Montreal. Montreal got its name from a mountain, Mont Royal. When youre up there at Mont Royal Chalet, youll be greeted by the sweeping panorama of the city–as if youre just sipping your morning coffee in your own front porch. Though

Montreal Gay Village

A street with three names: Montreal Gay Village, The Village and Le Village Gai. Getting off at Beaudry Metro Station, the village is a vibrant neighborhood of everything fabulous along St. Catherines Street. In summer, the village is closed to cars to promote the local businesses that serve in the area.

Montreal – The City Where The Sun Rises in The South

Another thing unique to Montreal is how the city follows directions. As far as Montrealers are concern, the riverside is South (which is actually East–if you look at the map) where the sun rises. For a tourist who has no sense of direction, this is just perfect. All you have

Old Montreal in Winter

Old Montreal is a street where French and British architecture merge in harmony to one another.The streets are made of cobblestones and the facades are as sturdy as the might of French and British powers in one.

Montreal: The Volcano Crater

Do you know that Montreal got its name from a mountain they call, Mount Royal (Mont-Real)? Do you that in this mountain lies a volcano? This makes the city as the only city in the world that is built around a volcano. Really! But, don’t be scared. That volcano is

Montreal Panorama

A walk or trip uphill to Mount Royal will reward the visitor a sweeping and breathtaking panorama of the city. The white dome you see is the Stade Olympique (Olympic Stadium). Montreal is the ONLY city in Canada that hosted the Summer Olympic Games, circa 1976. Montreal in winter time.