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Things To Do In Detroit

Henry Ford Museum – America’s Past and Future

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t miss when visiting Detroit, it has to be the Henry Ford Museum. Even if you’re not a car enthusiast. After all, Detroit got its nickname, the Motor City, from the very industry that fueled America’s economy for many years. Ok, Henry Ford Museum

The Magnificent Diego Rivera Murals at Detroit Institute of Arts

Inside the Detroit Arts of Institute (aka DIA), one can find the magnificent Diego Rivera Murals spanning the whole court from top to bottom, from side to side, and from corner to corner. You don’t need to be an artist nor an art freak to understand what the massive murals

Public Art in Detroit

Detroit, the Motown City, never runs out of public art. It’s everywhere. In every corner. In every street. I’m not talking about the ubiquitous graffiti the city is known for nowadays. I’m talking about these real public art that had been there even before the city lost its “Motor City”

Heidelberg Project – When Trash Speaks Its Mind Through Art

It’s been proven anywhere—that trash can be recycled. It’s been known—that there’s money (and for some–food) in trash. There’s beauty in there, too. Then, there’s art. Even before Detroit is known as the city on the verge of bankruptcy, Heidelberg Project has been around for many years. Its existence has

Motown Sound – A Detroit Legacy

One of Detroit’s nicknames is Motown City. It’s coined from the words, motor and town. The city isn’t just known as the birthplace of American cars but also of Motown sound, which is kind of soulful music with a distinct pop influence. It’s Detroit’s legacy. There’s a tour that leaves

Detroit – Impressions and Realities

Detroit, Michigan used to be the fifth largest city in the USA— and now half the population has fled due to an economic collapse. The city is in the sad state of a financial emergency that prompted the local governance to file for bankruptcy two months ago but was stopped