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Travel Itinerary: One Day in Geneva

Geneva is one of those cities that seldom agree to the norms of metropolises around the world. As they are always bustling with activities and have a chaotic lifestyle, Geneva, in contrast to them, is calm, collected, and professional. In the morning you’d see working men and women hurrying down

The Broken Chair at the United Nations Office in Geneva

You’d never miss the monument of the broken chair at the United Nations office in Geneva. It’s on the square in front of the office where world affairs are decided. The monstrosity of the structure carries the weight of a world problem we all too familiar with – war. The

Jet d’Eau is Geneva’s Most Iconic Landmark

Unlike other landmarks in Geneva or major cities in the world, Jet d’Eau is a water fountain. Most city landmarks we know are architecture-related structures that speak of its era. It’s very rare that you’ll associate a city with a water fountain this high and so centre of attraction. In