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The Breathtaking Sunsets in California

One of the best and free things to do in the west coast is to watch the breathtaking sunsets in California. They’ll never fail to amaze every sunset lovers. While in San Francisco, I’ve only got to see it once from a distance. In Los Angeles, sunsets are fabulous backdrop

Boracay Sunset is the best in the world

The breathtaking Boracay sunset is one thing you would never forget when you leave the island. It’s also one thing you would miss about the island. You’ll forget about the hedonism and crazy things you did there but not its sunset.    You all know how crazy I am about

View from Jingshan Park

Last weekend, I brought a dear friend to the hills of Jingshan Park. He asked me where to see sunset in Beijing and I couldn’t think of any but Jingshan Park, at the back of the Forbidden City or Gugong. And we were never disappointed. It was a beautiful day.