Sunrise Mt. Agung Bali

My Adventurous Trek to Mt Batur Volcano to Watch the Sunrise

My adventurous trek to Mt Batur volcano to watch the sunrise was all worth it! “Sunrise trek to Mount Batur?

Borobudur Sunrise Indonesia

Borobudur Sunrise – in a State of Peace Surrounded by Hundreds of Buddha Statues

Borobudur sunrise is a must-see for those who love watching the golden hour in the morning. At the world’s largest

Sunrise at Mt Sinai, Egypt.

Climbing Mt Sinai – Where Moses Received the 10 Commandments

Climbing Mt Sinai – where Moses received the 10 commandments – at two in the morning is something I never

Sunrise at Mt Sinai, Egypt.

Photos: Sunrise at Mt Sinai

To experience watching the sunrise at Mt Sinai is one of those moments you’d never forget in the longest time. The