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Madrid Sunset from Circulo de Bellas Artes

There’s only one place where you can see Madrid sunset while overlooking the city’s golden panorama – at Cirulo de Bellas Artes. From the top, you can almost touch the winged angel standing on top of a dome. There’s also a resto-bar on the rooftop, so it would be a

Video – Things to See and Do in Salamanca

I went to Salamanca last weekend – and it’s a charming little city full of legends and history. A short visit wasn’t really enough to explore the whole city but I managed to walk around its cobbled stones and quiet streets on my own while the rest of the tourists were

Don Quixote Tapestry at Palacio Real

The Don Quixote tapestry at Palacio Real (Royal Palace) is pretty impressive. These series of tapestries were commissioned by King Philip V. I think there were around 15 huge tapestries that were hanged on the halls of the eastern side of the palace. Each tapestry depicts a scene from Spain’s

Madrid Pride Parade 2016 – Madrid Orgullo Manifestacion

Yesterday, Madrid Pride Parade 2016 – Madrid Orgullo Manifestacion happened – and it never failed to amaze me to the highest level. All the things my friends (who have been here before) told me about the celebration were true. Madrid, I declare, is the proudest city in the world! The

MADO 2016 – Carrera de Tacones

Carrera de Tacones 2016 or Heels Race is an annual tradition on Pelayo Street as part of the festivities for Madrid Orgullo (MADO). Literally, it’s a race that men on high heels compete for 600 Euros grand prize. It’s fun to watch these “ladies” run like they’re going to break

Pride Critic Madrid 2016 Orgullo

Yesterday, while a friend and I were on our way to find the oldest churro restaurant in Madrid, we stopped by Plaza del Sol to camwhore around. Then, we heard loud noises of drums – and we thought they were just buskers performing on the street. When the noise got

Sunset in the Desert

This freezing sub zero Celcius is killing me softly inside—and I’m looking forward to see gorgeous sunset again in Spring or Summer. While this wish isn’t coming anytime soon, here’s our Photo of the Day Spanish contributor, Dodi Fog, who just started his own blog. Welcome to the blogging world Senor