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Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas – Where to Watch Bullfight in Madrid

At Plaza de Toros de Las Ventas in Madrid, you’ll be able to watch the controversial bullfight. This is a huge bullring that can accommodate 25,000 wild spectators of the sport. Wait, is killing animals a sport nowadays? For some people this is a “bloody sport,” while others consider it as a

Casa Batllo at Night Really Looks Like a House of Bones

Casa Batllo at Night Really Looks Like a House of Bones – and these photos prove that. As soon as the lights are turned on, you can clearly see skulls and skinny bones. Don’t just admire Casa Batllo closer, but I’d suggest you go across the street and see it

Take a Peek of Catalan Art at MNAC

Catalan Art at MNAC (Museo Nacional d’Art de Catalunya) has the largest collection of Romanesque frescoes. I arrived at almost 4 in the afternoon on my last day in Barcelona, and I simply didn’t have much time. Instead, I went around and admired the museum’s facade. If you look at

Step Back in Time at Barrio Gotic

To step back in time at Barri Gotic, you better be here early in the morning when the narrow streets are empty. When the Gothic Quarter is deserted, you can really feel like you’re time-traveling. From the cold cobbled stones on tapered paths to the sharp spires above, visitors are

The Majestic Arc de Triomf in Barcelona

The majestic Arc de Triomf in Barcelona is usually the meeting place for walking tours in the city. It is one of the city’s most-visited landmarks during the day. In the late afternoon, you’ll find more locals here walking, running, and strolling around – and all the way to Parc Ciutadella.

Casa Batllo – The House of Bones

The locals in Barcelona call Casa Batllo -as The House of Bones. You can’t blame them because if you look at it outside from afar, the casa looks like bones, indeed. Its eclectic facade design carries through the walls, door, floors and rooms inside the house. So, it’s a good

Barcelona from the top of Sagrada Familia

Yes, you can go to the top of Sagrada Familia by elevator. However, the lift doesn’t really bring you to the topmost floor. You’ll have to climb some steps to go to the uppermost part. The elevator is too small, and the steps are too narrow. That’s why you can’t

10 Interesting Facts About Sagrada Familia

Here are 10 interesting facts about the La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. This church is Spain’s most-visited tourist attraction and its Gothic architecture will blow your mind away! There’s no doubt that Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is Antoni Gaudi’s most ambitious and most celebrated work that’s waiting to be completed.

There’s a Rainbow Tunnel Inside the Sagrada Familia

These photos are proof that there’s a rainbow inside the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. The brightness that glistens from the stained windows form a tunnel of hues that leads to the hereafter. Though Sagrada Familia is so grand in size and style it was originally built as a church and then

Inside the Convent of St Theresa of Avila

Tourists and visitors don’t just go to Avila to see the famed Murallas or Walls that surround the city.  Another reason is to visit the Convent of St Theresa of Avila. Thousands of Catholic pilgrims pass by this convent to honor the Saint known for her spiritual contemplation and mysticism.

Inside Avila Cathedral – The First Gothic Cathedral in Spain

Catedral de Avila, or Avila Cathedral, is Spain’s first Gothic cathedral. Going inside was the first thing I did when I arrived in this city known for its ancient fortress. Instead of joining a tour, I opted to do it alone because, as you can guess, I abhor being rushed. And

Murallas de Avila – Spain’s Most Preserved City Walls

There’s no doubt that Murallas de Avila is Spain’s most preserved city wall. The imposing ramparts are so high that you feel so tiny standing in front of them, and they’re solid and robust and can still defend the city inside in case of conflict. The walls are built in Romanesque

The Breathtaking Sunset in Avila

The sunset in Avila is awesome! This medieval town in Spain is picturesque and located in the heart of the country. It is well-known for its medieval walls, which are the most complete and best-preserved walls in all of Europe. The city is also home to many beautiful Gothic and

The Grand Staircase at Palacio Real

In my previous post, I talked about the Grand Staircase at Palacio Real. You can’t miss this stairwell. You will enter and exit from here. So, imagine a grand entrance and grand exit. 😉 The staircase isn’t just grand that screams opulence but it’s laden with interesting artworks. From the

A Look Inside The Splendid Royal Palace of Madrid

The Royal Palace of Madrid (Palacio Real) is an epitome of opulence of the Spanish monarchy. It is the official residence of the Royal Family but it’s only used for state ceremonies of visiting dignitaries and other famed VIPs. The facade itself is as impressive as the palace interior. The queue

Things to do at El Retiro Park

El Retiro Park in Madrid is one place you can go when the summer heat is too much to bear. It’s a pleasant place to escape from all the academic shit I had last summer. The park has vast greenery and cool shades everywhere. But, I think the best way