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Capsule Hotel in Tokyo

I slept at a capsule hotel, called Green Plaza Shinjuku Capsule Hotel. Boy, you’ve got to experience sleeping in a capsule hotel, which is more like sleeping inside your own tomb. 🙂 “Yes, I’d recommend it for the bizarre experience of it!” 😀 I was blown away by the 630 tomb-like capsules

Cosplay Zuko in Harajuku Tokyo

Sabel (my new Spanish acquaintance) and I had the same plan after viewing Tokyo’s skyline from Metroplitan Government Offices. We went to Harajuku, where Japanese teenagers dress up in costume play or popularly known as cosplay. We walked straight inside the Yoyogi Koen, a huge park (free admission) where families have picnic on

Japan – Shinjuku District in Tokyo

I woke up early only to find out that the guy next to my capsule is shirtless. And cute. LOL… Handsome? Hmmmnnn… I said, he’s cute. 😀 I took a shower and packed my stuff so I can move to the dormitory type room. My wooden capsule was just temporary–for