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Plaza de España at Night Literally Takes My Breath Away

Plaza de España at night is enchanting. If this Renaissance-Moorish architecture impresses you during the day, you’ve got to see it at night. It turns into a magical place where it literally took my breath away. It’s the most perfect place for a date, too, especially when the moon is

Plaza de España – A Timeless Square in Sevilla

Plaza de España in Sevilla is a beautiful, timeless square that no tourists or visitors would dare skip seeing. It’s not just a sight to behold but also an architectural wonder that speaks volume of the city’s past glory. These photos will prove that Plaza de Espana is a must-see

Photos: Palace of San Telmo

The Palace of San Telmo is a unique, baroque-style building in the heart of Sevilla. You can’t resist stopping outside for its red walls and richly decorated facade. The portal itself is a work of art that took three generations (in 70 years) to complete. Enjoy these photos. Today, the

Time Stands Still at Seville Real Alcazar

Seville Real Alcazar will never fail to enchant you. From its roof to the walls to the ground and to the gardens, the palace is magnificent. The tile works, the designs, the architectural delicateness of arches and carvings will blow your mind away. The rooms are even more stunning than

Oasis Backpackers Palace Hostel Sevilla is the Best in the World

I have no doubt that Oasis Backpackers Palace Hostel Sevilla is the best hostel in the world. I might be exaggerating a little bit but I couldn’t imagine a better hostel than this. With high ceilings and towering columns, the hostel is like no other I’ve stayed in before. Upon

Inside Catedral de Sevilla – The World’s Largest Gothic Cathedral

Catedral de Sevilla boggles the mind. Not only it’s incredibly huge but also unbelievably magnificent inside! It’s the most stunning cathedral I’ve ever been to, so far. From the dome ceilings to the columns and to the marble floors, everything is just amazingly stunning. I honestly had goosebumps as soon

The Intense Passion of Flamenco

Do not miss a theatre performance of flamenco when visiting Sevilla. It is a must thing to do for every tourists, passersby and sojourners in this southern city in Spain. You can catch a show in some restaurants and small theatres throughout the city. The bigger the theatre is, the more expensive the

The City of Sevilla – View from La Giralda

From Tangier in Morocco, I took a fast ferry all the way to Tarifa in the southernmost part of Spain. It took 30 minutes and the ferry ride itself was comfortable and clean. Included in my ferry ticket is a bus ride from Tarifa to the bis station in Algeciras.