Saudi Arabia

Yanbu Flower Festival 13

Photos From Yanbu Flower Festival 2018 – The World’s Largest Carpet of Flowers

The annual Yanbu Flower Festival is here again but we were too late to visit the famed Spring festival in

Firework.Yanbu Flower Festival 7

The Fireworks at Yanbu Flower Festival

Here are the photos of the fireworks ay Yanbu Flower Festival! Yanbu Flower Festival is on from March 1 –

Magrah Desert 25 copy

Travel Recap – Where Did My Wanderlust Take Me in 2017?

Happy New Year, Everyone! I hope you start 2018 with a loud bang of laughter, fireworks, clinking glasses and oozing

I Wore Flip Flops Climbing Mountains in Al Ula

I Wore Flip Flops Climbing Mountains in Al Ula

Yes, that’s right. I wore flip flops climbing mountains in Al Ula. They’re not your ordinary mountains but rocky mountains which

Al Ula the Grand Canyon of Saudi Arabia 6

Is Al Ula the Grand Canyon of Saudi Arabia?

Is Al Ula the Grand Canyon of Saudi Arabia? From above, it looks like one but not completely like it.

Old Town Al Ula Madain Salih 10

The Mud Brick Houses of the Old Town of Al Ula

The old town of Al Ula is both historical and biblical. In Biblical Times, Al Ula was called as Dedan. It

Lion’s Tomb Al Ula 5

The Lion Tombs Carved in the Rock Mountains

They are called Lion Tombs carved in the rocky mountains. Don’t get it wrong – there are definitely no dead

Sahari Camp Al Ula 1

Camping in Al Ula

Going camping in Al Ula? Here’s our experience. It was a long drive from our town to Al Ula and

Elephant Rock Al Ula Madain Saleh

The Elephant Rock

Don’t miss seeing this Elephant Rock when you’re in Madain Saleh or Al Ula in Saudi Arabia. Last weekend, some

Saudi island White beach 8

Another White Beach Island in Saudi Arabia

Last Tuesday, my colleagues and I went to a white beach island here in Saudi Arabia. It was just a