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The Beauty of the Roman Colosseum Facade

On my very first afternoon in Italy, I decided to walk and see the beauty of the Roman Colosseum facade. I’ve seen this classic architecture a thousand times in postcards and on the pages of hundreds of books I’ve flipped through. I didn’t want to see one side of it

Snow Fell in This Church in the Middle of Summer in Rome

Yes, if the Catholics have to be believed, snow fell in this church in the middle of summer in Rome. But, first, let me clarify: the snowing happened first before the church was built. Not the other way around. Here’s the story in brief. Legend has it that a rich

30 Photos: 2017 Roma Pride Parade

The 2017 Roma Pride Parade happened yesterday. It was a very beautiful day with normal early summer temperature. It started from Plaza de la Republica and ended up at Piazza de Venezia. A fellow couchsurfer and I joined the parade that lasted almost three hours. I didn’t finish the parade route