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St Catherine Monastery – The Oldest in the World?

St Catherine Monastery is the oldest Christian monastery in the world that is continuously inhabited. It’s a living fortification and silent witness to 17 centuries of history that only few people know about. It is surrounded by rugged mountains and incredible landscapes where you can live and be at peace

The Steps of Repentance

You can’t miss the Steps of Repentance when you climb Mt Sinai (aka Moses Mountain). It’s a steep climb that would really make you think to repent all your sins – unless if you’re an atheist who’ll probably think it’s just another tourist scam. 😀 There are two authorized walking

Photos: Sunrise at Mt Sinai

To experience watching the sunrise at Mt Sinai is one of those moments you’d never forget in the longest time. The arduous hike that started at 2 in the morning and ended at the summit at 5, just before sunrise, was totally worth it – despite not being dressed for a