Dambulla Cave Temple Buddhist Sri Lanka 1

Dambulla Cave Temple is The Sistine Chapel of the Buddhism World

I haven’t been to many Buddhist temples but I can surely claim that Dambulla Cave Temple is The Sistine Chapel

Climbing St Peter Basilica Dome Vatican Italy 8

Climbing the Dome of St Peter Basilica and The View From The Interior Balcony

Climbing the dome of St Peter Basilica is an experience of the lifetime. When you’re in the Vatican and plan

  • Italy
  • November 14, 2017
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Duomo MIlan Square Facade Italy 2

Duomo di Milano is the Most Elaborate Gothic Cathedral I’ve Seen

Milan Cathedral or Duomo di Milano is the most elaborate Gothic Cathedral I’ve seen in my life. It is not

  • Italy
  • October 25, 2017
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St.Catherine Monastery Moses Mountain Mt Sinai 6

St Catherine Monastery – The Oldest in the World?

St Catherine Monastery is the oldest Christian monastery in the world that is continuously inhabited. It’s a living fortification and

Steps of Repentance Mt Sinai Mose Mountain 3

The Steps of Repentance

You can’t miss the Steps of Repentance when you climb Mt Sinai (aka Moses Mountain). It’s a steep climb that

Sunrise at Mt Sinai Egypt 14

Photos: Sunrise at Mt Sinai

To experience watching the sunrise at Mt Sinai is one of those moments you’d never forget in the longest time. The