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Pride Toronto 2013

Carmen Electra Electrifies Aqua Party 2013 in Toronto

Carmen Electra is an electrifying vamp who knows how to use her body and sensuality to get her audience hooked to her performance on stage. When she came out at 6:30 in the evening at last Saturday’s Aqua Party in Toronto Island, the crowd wasn’t really that wild nor was

Toronto Pride Parade 2013 Video

I took a total of 700+ photos during the Toronto Pride Parade 2013 yesterday and cut them down to 251 photos. The ones deleted were of poor taste and quality. And I’m still planning to delete some of them, of course. I’ll try to trim them down to 100 good,

Pride Toronto Trans March 2013

Pride Toronto Trans March 2013 made history by taking Yonge Street route for the first time. With Trans issues at the helm of the march/rally,  hundreds of trans, allies and friends joined the heavily political event, bearing and shouting political slogans at the top of their lungs. Even extended families