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Pingyao at Night

Pingyao at night should be appreciated just as you appreciate the city by day. You can’t wholly appreciate a place until you see it at night time. There’s something mysterious about darkness that transforms the place and—even people. Darkness seems to bring out the best and worst of places and

Pingyao in the Afternoon

Pingyao in the morning is as magnificent as Pingyao in the afternoon. Every minute strolling around is a photographic feast–even if the sky was a bit grey. If Pingyao were human, he’d be very photogenic–like me. LOL… How to get there: If you are coming from Beijing, take an overnight

Pingyao: An Ancient City in China

Pingyao is a small ancient city within the wall. Going around its narrow streets gives one a feeling of it’s ancientness and wonder at the genius of Chinese architecture. While walking, I wondered if one of my very great, great, great, great, great, great, etc… ancestors have ever been here