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Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia

The Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia is a testament that the locals really love food, oh, glorious food! Dont be fooled by the name. No, its not a place where you can sip your cappucino and read your papers or Fifty Shades of Grey. Its actually a food market. Its under

Cathedral Basilica of St Peter and St Paul

The Cathedral Basilica of St Peter and St Paul displays power and might common to grand Catholic Churches around the world. Iyes, i’s a Cathedral and a Basilica named after of two Saints: Peter and Paul in the Catholic religion. The facade’s brownstone structure is marvelous and wait until you

The Statue of Diana at Museum of Arts

Diana is the Greek goddess of the moon and protector of the young. This Statue of Diana, the Huntress was once the highest sculpture in New York City that rose 347 feet above street level. Its a masterpiece of Augustus Saint-Gaudins, an Irish-born American who intended to place the statue

The Museum of Arts in Philadelphia

Philadelphia’s Museum of Arts is huuugeeee!!! And its awesome—if you have never been to huge museums before. Since I already did, so it was kind of ok to me. They all have the expected things/antiques/arts to see in a museum of arts. European art with religious themes are already boring

The Masonic Temple in Philadelphia

Just a stone throw away from Philadelphia’s City Hall is the Masonic Temple–in its gray boring structure–that’s how it looks outside. At least to me. The reason why I went inside was that Ive never been to one. Ive heard of freemasons and in fact, I have friends who are

Love is in the Park in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, LOVE is in the park. Yes, love is in the middle of a park with the tall, proud fountain swooning over it. Love, in Philly, is immortalized as a sculpture. The LOVE statue never fails to attract everyone. The locals are proud of this citys landmark. I bet

Philadelphia: The Liberty Bell

A visit to Philadelphia (also known as Philly)  is never complete without visiting or looking at the Liberty Bell. No, I didn’t exaggerate it. Yes, its just a bell but its not an ordinary bell. The Liberty Bell is a living witness to Americas history, its fight for freedom and

Philadelphia: Independence Hall

America’s humble beginning can be seen in the simplicity of the interior of Independence Hall in Philadelphia. There’s nothing much there that shows power, glamour and grandiosity. When you go inside, all you see were antique furniture that were once used by the great American leaders: [easyazon_link asin=”0812979486″ locale=”US” new_window=”yes”

Freedom Sculpture in Philadelphia

Zenos Frudakis is the mastermind behind this FREEDOM SCULPTURE in Philadelphia. When looking, or staring, at it for a moment of silence, you will definitely, instantly recognize the feeling of “breaking free” from something or anything that’s holding you for a long time.   Philadelphia Guide Book Cheap flights to

Philadelphia’s Panorama from the City Hall Tower

As soon as we arrived in Philadelphia, we deposited our backpacks at the 30th Street Station lockers because our couchsurfing host would meet us later that afternoon–and so we have to use the first few hours of the afternoon exploring a small part of the city, climbing to the top

The City Hall of Philadelphia

“Returning home, riding down Market Street in an open summer car, something detaind us between Fifteenth and Broad, and I got out to view better the new three-fifths built marble edifice, the City Hall, of magnificent proportions–a majestic and lovely show there in the moonlight–all flooded over, facades, myriad silver-white

Philadelphia and Benjamin Franklin

Philadelphia and Benjamin Franklin are synonymous. The latter is everywhere, from statues to memorials and other tributes. Philadelphia is the fifth most populous city in the United States. It is known as the New York City of the East–which I don’t doubt. Most of all, it is known as the