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Palace of Versailles

The Well-Manicured Gardens of Chateau de Versailles

The well-manicured gardens of Chateau de Versailles is so huge you need two to three hours to explore its entirety. Unless, of course, if you choose to ride on a golf cart around – for an additional fee. In fact, I never had the chance to explore half of it.

The Royal Chapel at Chateau de Versailles

It seems that every palace in Europe (or at least the ones I’ve been to) has its own chapel. The Royal Chapel at Chateau de Versailles is equally as grand as the one I’ve seen in Spain, Belgium, and Italy. Perhaps, the ancient royals were just too lazy to be

Take A Peek: The Stately Rooms of the Palace of Versailles

Chateau de Versailles or the Palace of Versailles used to be the center of French power, wealth, and influence. Today, it is a massive museum that shows the ups and downs of France way before the French Revolution. With 700 rooms, how can you not be lost? Or burn calories